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A Man's Divorce: The Surprising Anger

By Buddy Gatewood · December 26th, 2019
It was like most every weekday morning. The time on the microwave read 7:15 am and I grabbed my daypack containing my lunch, iPad, and work badge which allowed me into my employer’s secure building.I was ready for the 30-minute drive into work.But I paused as I noticed Kodi (featured in my early blogs) slowly approach me and nuzzled his nose between my legs just above my knees.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas

By Valerie Close, Editor · December 24th, 2019
I have to admit, that this year Christmas has felt pretty non-existent in my world. It hasn't been the merriest of years for sure, at the same time under all the turmoil, our family knows that we have a lot be thankful for. As I try to write something deep and something that will touch your heart for Christmas, I feel like I've got nothing.

Dear Editor, I am excited to see the interest in The City Council's lack of regard for Iowa laws and City ordinances. Our biggest complaints about the abatement on our property have been the lack of following the proper procedure, not following the Court's orders, allowing the City Administrator and a code enforcement official sign a document under oath that they are “The Plaintiff(City of Vinton) or attorney for the Plaintiff” When we questioned this we were told that has how it has been done for years! And I believe that IS the PROB...

Dear Editor, Can the Vinton City Council do anything right?The web they have woven keeps getting bigger and thicker the more I review what has transpired over the last week or so. I am amazed at the disregard for printed laws and procedures occurring within the City government. Not only is there the Mayor’s violation of Iowa’s gender balance law and Ron Elwicks’s abstention which actually was a “yes”, I now believe the method in which Andrew Elwick was appointed to the council was illegal.

Letter to the Editor: Web Weaving and Deceiving

By Vinton Today · December 22nd, 2019
“O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” Walter ScottVinton City politics is currently embroiled in a controversy because the Mayor has blatantly violated Iowa’s Gender Balance law with his recent appointment to the VMEU board. I agree with those who have challenged the appointment, but after my years of living in Vinton, I shouldn’t be surprised it happened because the City has a long history of choosing enforcement of laws that are contrary to their desires.

Letter to the Editor: Patriotic Christmas Wishes

By Vinton Today · December 21st, 2019
You were all warned that I would be giving the gift of my opinion for Christmas this year. The United States is the greatest country on Earth. Many are calling for radical change and demonizing the very concept of the freedoms granted to citizens of our great republic. Maybe you don’t think our country is so great right now.

Letter to the Editor: The electric utility’s $8M cash reserve

By Vinton Today · December 15th, 2019
A municipal utility board is arguably the most powerful city board under Iowa law. The power comes from:1. Board members are appointed not elected2. They serve long terms – 6 years3. There is no regulatory oversight as there is for power companies4. The only way to remove a member is by order of a community’s mayor5.

Letter to the Editor: Great Sound and Fury

By Vinton Today · December 13th, 2019
Editor:Great Sound and Fury meaning nothing: that is what I hear from the Judiciary Committee Impeachment hearings. Three years of wrangling hearsay twice or more times removed, presumption, assumption, and opinion, but no Treason, Bribery or High Crimes – nothing but hot air less valuable than a bucket of used oats.

Women are a majority of Iowa’s population in 90 of 99 counties and volunteer more than men do. Iowa law* clearly states that no person shall be appointed or reappointed to a gender-imbalanced board if that appointment maintains gender imbalance. Despite these facts, women remain underrepresented on boards and commissions in our state.

A Man's Divorce: A Feeling of Waiting

By Buddy Gatewood · December 12th, 2019
It was when I surrendered my life to Christ—about 45 years ago – that I first began to understand that I am complete in Jesus.And I am. I do believe that.But please allow me to put an asterisk somewhere in that sentence and guide you to the Bible’s Book of Genesis. In the second chapter, verse 18, you read “….

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