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Letter to the Editor: On Memorial Day, We Never Forget

By Vinton Today · May 21st, 2019
On Memorial Day we honor those who have fallen in Combat and also those who have died training for War. Every Veteran has memories; following are a few of mine. Early in my Air Force Career then a new 2nd Lt. I would learn how serious this military endeavor would be. My Commander-in-Chief, President Kennedy, would be killed in the line of duty, followed in days by an Air Defense Command F-104 crashing in front of my Pilot training class as we engaged in Physical Training.

Letter to the Editor: The Osborns Respond

By Vinton Today · May 19th, 2019
Dear Editor,We have been the topic of conversation in many areas in the past few weeks. Some good, some bad, some don’t have a clue what they are talking about! No one really knows what has transpired between the City of Vinton and us. It has been quite the ride. When we moved to Vinton it had been several years since either one of us had lived in “town”.

In Memory of Joe Lynn FowlerRemembering-On May 16th, Fifty years ago Joe Lynn Fowler, Vinton native son and hero, died in Vietnam fighting for his country, and possibly even more protecting the men in his Platoon.John Nolan,4th Platoon Leader, D-1-8, 4th Infantry Div.

Mother's Day Reminiscing

By Valerie Close, Editor · May 9th, 2019
The older I get, the more I realize some things that I wish I knew in my 20's. I wish I would have known that the little boy that left me exhausted until he was about 12 would turn out to be a guy that I just love to stand next to now and look up to him. That he'd be the one that is now bailing me out when I need an extra pair of hands and a ton of muscle.

MEDIA-not-COM-ing won't be delivering the Daily Email...Today

By Valerie Close, Editor · May 3rd, 2019
It's been an interesting week.The highlight was probably butting heads over Vinton's broadband project. Not that I enjoy butting heads, but I DO enjoy discussing topics with people that I know I disagree with and I try really hard to understand them and hope they understand me.I had a somewhat firm note telling me that I didn't write a "fair" article on the topic explaining the possible downside to Vinton putting in their own broadband/highspeed internet.

Trash or Treasure

By Valerie Close, Editor · May 1st, 2019
*This article is written as something I call a "Newsitorial". It's a mix of current events and what I think about it.*There has been an ongoing battle between a homeowner and the City of Vinton. For quite a while now, the city has been trying to work with the homeowners trying to get the family to clean up their property.

The Information Superhighway is a busy place after a night of reporting

By Valerie Close, Editor · March 29th, 2019
The other night I had 3 events happening in 3 different locations.Obviously, since I haven't figured out the omnipresent thing, I had to figure out how to multitask. One was an event that wasn't a "must" to attend, but I really, really wanted to be there.The second I knew that I could record and write on the meeting later.

Where in the world is Abby Finkenauer?

By Valerie Close, Editor · March 28th, 2019
Alright, if you know me at all, you know that when it comes to politics, I lean to the right.After 9 years, of hearing, "You've got to listen to both sides, have an open mind, be tolerant" I thought I'd do that. I found out that Abby Finkenauer would be in town on a Saturday morning at the Vinton Public Library a few weeks ago.

It's not news, but Sentiment is not a good Exchange for Cement

By Valerie Close, Editor · March 26th, 2019
There are several things that haven't changed in Vinton from the time I was a little girl until now. One of those things are the brick streets.The sound they make when you drive over them is something you won't here in most towns. Back in the good ol' days when kids could lay in the back window of the car and enjoy the ride from there, I remember laying there.

Vinton a place for Firsts by Women

By Valerie Close, Editor · March 21st, 2019
It was International Women's day a couple of weeks ago. Big deal, I say.In light of equality and recognizing what men have accomplished I decided to see when International Men's day is, and there it is November 19th. Anyway...I had a phone call from one of my favorite newspaper enthusiasts, telling me about an article that he ran across about a woman from Vinton.

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