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Let the Polling Fun Begin and my Presidential Election Prediction

By Valerie Close, Editor · November 13th, 2019
Every day the phone rings with unknown callers. It happened while I was working the other day, so it went to voicemail. The same number called back while I was still working on writing about the story that I had just covered. So I thought, on the off chance that this New Hampshire number was important.

Scheduling Spontaneity

By Valerie Close, Editor · November 8th, 2019
The last year and a half have brought many changes in my life. The first year I found myself trying to figure out one aspect of this job that I've never done before, reporting.That went much better than expected. Going into the second year I decided that now since I'm putting in 16 hour days that it was time that I figure out how to have just a little bit of fun.

A Man's Divorce: Taking Steps

By Buddy Gatewood · November 6th, 2019
I am not a wuss.The words that follow here may lead you to think otherwise. I hope not, but, well, welcome to America and our Freedom of Thought.Come to think of it, I am not sure that is in our Bill of Rights, but, um, I digress.In 1989 I married someone who I have always considered to be a very strong, smart, and talented woman.

Letter to the Editor: With Heartfelt Thanks

By Vinton Today · November 5th, 2019
There are no words to describe the gratitude we have for our family, friends, and the community who has supported us through the tragedy of the passing of our beloved Mikey. To say we are humbled by the enormous outpouring of love and support would be an understatement as it has been unbelievable. All of the thoughts and prayers have been felt in our hearts as we begin our healing.

Letter to the Editor: Quid-pro-quo

By Vinton Today · November 5th, 2019
Quid-pro-quo an example:In a phone call to the Great Leader of North Korea: “Leader Kim Jong-un, I have an offer and a favor to ask. Firstly I will sign a treaty with your government that the United States will never use military force against your country. In return I want you to discontinue building missiles, also I want you to move your ground forces far away from the 38th parallel, stop your threats against South Korea.

A Man's Divorce: Aloneness

By Buddy Gatewood · October 30th, 2019
Until May 1, 1969, I was the youngest in a family of five. I was 10 years old when my mother died. Twenty-one months later my dad remarried.I became the youngest of nine siblings.It was difficult if not entirely impossible to be alone. We had one bathroom.Through all those years and until November 2015, I never gave being alone much thought.

Letter to the Editor: Protect Parental Rights

By Vinton Today · October 29th, 2019
Dear Editor, In today's world, it often feels like, our parental rights are under attack and being threatened by society and at times those that we elect to represent us in government.  A group has been formed at to pass a Parental Rights Amendment. A petition has been created at WhiteHouse.

Letter to the Editor: In Answer to a Rebuttal

By Vinton Today · October 29th, 2019
In answer to a rebuttal published in our great web news – Vinton Today. I think it is appropriate that each one of us take a step back and take the preverbal “deep breath”. I did not vote for President Obama – in fact, I thought he was a massive mistake, and in my opinion he turned out to be a massive error in judgment by the voting public – why on Earth would we expect a person with no more experience than that of a “community organizer” and one who instead of taking a position on state politics would vote “Present” -- to have the savvy to run...

I've got my eye on you

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 29th, 2019
This last year has found me googling, ordering, getting frustrated with and then figuring out new equipment. I opened eBay again the other night in search of another camera after I consulted my schedule for the upcoming weeks.There is only one of me and there is no way that I can be everywhere that, I need to be, should be but just can't be.

The gap between rural and urban Iowa continues to widen as population, earnings and net farm income are declining in several rural areas. Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of federal tax law changes now threatens to impose an additional financial burden on rural communities.Under the new tax law, electric cooperatives that receive federal, state or local government grants are at risk of losing their tax-exempt status.

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