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Vinton Today


Congrats!!! To the City of Vinton and to the efforts by your publication in support of the affirmative vote on the broadband project. The determined effort over the past few years to get to this point is remarkable and shows how you are thinking about the future. I am a native of Keystone and have been away for many years, but come back to Benton County regularly and try to keep up a little with local news.

If you build it, they will come: Broadband Project Vote Tonight

By Valerie Close, Editor · February 12th, 2019
The VMEU Board will decide the fate of Vinton's Broadband project. at their meeting tonight, February 12th,  beginning at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall. The Vinton Municipal Electric Utility will decide if the construction of a fiber network will proceed by accepting the bids from contractors to set the project in motion.

Tips for Laying a Military Member to Rest with Class

By Valerie Close, Editor · February 7th, 2019
When the time comes to lay a veteran to rest, if you're like we were, you want the very best.One of the things we discovered is how to make a military funeral, be all that it can be.We've planned too many funerals and it's usually the same thing, pick the casket, the songs, get the preacher and crunch the numbers.

Letter to the Editor: Free Stuff is not Free

By Valerie Close, Editor · January 29th, 2019
Dear Editor – one more rant: Kamala Harris and all the others wanna-bees for Dem nomination want and talk of Medicare for all. I am on Medicare and have been since I turned 65. Until you reach that magic age you are ignorant of what this program covers and how much it reimburses Medical professionals.

Zero Degrees

By Valerie Close, Editor · January 28th, 2019
I don't often get upset when people think I'm stupid. That's okay. As a matter of fact, I've gotten too good at acting like I don't know things. (there are so many directions I could go with just those two sentences.)I realized the other day after someone accused me of being, well stupid and not doing my due diligence when writing an article that perhaps I've taken it a bit too far.

Letter to the Editor: Roe vs. Wade

By Vinton Today · January 24th, 2019
Dear Editor,"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"46 years ago, our country passed a law that legalized the killing of babies.I don't care how old the baby is, it's still a baby. Dr. Seuss probably would have all kinds of crazy mobs coming after him had he written: "Horton Hears a Who" now and not in 1954.

Off Roading down the Road

By Valerie Close, Editor · January 18th, 2019
I love living in the country, I really do. Except with it's icy. Or when the snow is so deep that it's drifted higher than the minivan, which happened one year. Or when it's muddy. Sometimes I even hate when there is fresh gravel. Call me a pessimist, or one of those people you can just never make happy.

When Life Isn't Normal

By Valerie Close, Editor · January 5th, 2019
I like life to be boring. Dull. Mundane. Occasionally a bit of excitement is alright if it's a good kind of excitement. I like there to be a routine. However, a few years ago all of that flew right out the window and hasn't been seen since. It involved traveling halfway across the country multiple times to take care of a sweet aunt that ironically helped us to get the equipment so that we could still work and travel halfway across the country to take care of sweet aunts.

Letter to the Editor Cc: Leader Pelosi-Sen. Grassley,-Sen. Ernst, Pres. Trump

By Valerie Close, Editor · December 26th, 2018
Dear Senator Schumer: Cc: Leader Pelosi, Senator Grassley, Senator Earnst, President Trump You describe Pres Trump’s insistence on border security as a “temper tantrum”. I suggest the “temper tantrum” is coming from the Liberal/Communist left in your party and from yourself! I have seen figures as high as $125 billion required to care for illegals in education, medical and welfare, or in other words $30,000 for each individual --- These are taxpayer dollars.

Letter to the Editor: To Representative Gutierrez of Illinois

By Valerie Close, Editor · December 23rd, 2018
Editor: Written to REP Gutierrez of Illinois You can read to whole deal @ Representative Gutierrez: I have read your 6 minute dressing down of Sec Kirstjen Nielsen – that was most unfair. Immigration law was passed by Congress some time ago, but it has not been adhered to until recently. Each of these illegals, I have read, cost the American taxpayer $30,000 per year.

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