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This was shared with Vinton Today in dedication to our Vinton-Shellburg Educators. Teachers, thanks for all that you do, for making the best of this new year. ---I believe in Iowa Educators!On behalf of the educators out there...this next quarter (and probably longer) starts a new chapter in public education.

Letter to the Editor: At what cost?

By Vinton Today · July 25th, 2020
Dear Editor,These are trying times for a lot of people.  There are families in our town wondering how they’re going to pay their rent/mortgage.  There are people wondering where their next meal is coming from.  Local businesses are wondering if they will ever reopen their doors. Even those that can make it through this week/month/year have no idea what is to come.

Letter to the Editor: This 4th in Vinton

By Vinton Today · July 7th, 2020
This 4th was not a celebration, clearly, but a recognition of the boundaries of our illusions of freedom and that our institutions have all but collapsed, long hollowed of all Spirit that ever indwelled them.This 4th was a bitter recognition that access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is subject to determination by agencies and institutions with no rightful authority over our lives.

Letter to the Editor: Candidate Ivy Schuster

By Vinton Today · July 5th, 2020
Funding is still the single most important factor when supporting our children's education, but it is not the only issue. At a recent panel on challenges and opportunities in Iowa education hosted by the Ivy Schuster for Iowa Senate campaign, school administrators, educators, and a local parent informed the campaign and the audience that we should do more.

Letter to the Editor: Take Heart

By Vinton Today · July 4th, 2020
Take heart Patty,Just look at the venom of Linsey and Gould! These leftist - may I say Maxist Socialist, want us on the other side to shut up. They are the ones who wish to end the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They rarely if ever discuss the issues raised, but demonize the messenger. Shame on you! Antifa is a mirror image of the Brown Shirt Nazis of the 1930's - Black Lives Matter has heads that are admittedly trained Marxist.

Dear Editor: Too afraid to fly the flag

By Vinton Today · July 3rd, 2020
Dear Editor, I enjoyed the clip that John Steigelmeyer shared of the little boy holding up his flag. And it pricked my conscience that I'm not that brave in this day and age. I want to fly a Trump flag and an American flag, but I don't think that I dare do that. Homes are being targeted in California by arsonists, 4 of them so far simply for flying an American flag.

Letter to the Editor: Happy to be in Vinton

By Vinton Today · July 2nd, 2020
Dear Editor, It’s been a little over a year since my wife became a resident of VGH Nursing and Rehab. The recommendations were correct!As a result, our daughter moved from Hiawatha to Vinton so I could live with her and be near to my wife. I tell you this so you can understand how important the VGH Nursing and Rehab is to this area.

Biting my nails and over nails, screws and other debris

By Valerie Close, Editor · June 26th, 2020
Just about a month ago, give or take, I had some work done on my '99 Lexus. She's coming up on 130,000 miles so I figure if I don't hit a deer, it should last me another 4 or 5 years. It's my way of recycling, running cars until they die of natural causes. After the work was done, I took the car out on the highway and drove through town on some of the roads that made it bottom out before and it sailed over the bumps and I smiled.

80,000 Lbs vs. motorcycles or dumb drivers

By Valerie Close, Editor · June 23rd, 2020
There are a few things that irritate me when driving. Mostly it has to do with people who have no idea how a semi driver thinks. I was driving on the interstate the other day, going the posted 70 mph. I was behind a semi and content to follow him in no hurry to get anywhere fast, and it was evening so I figured if any deer jump out it would be better if he hit it first.

Letter to the Editor: Secrets

By Vinton Today · June 23rd, 2020
“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.” Jean RacineDid you know the Vinton City Council has been keeping a dirty little secret since March 26th? Did you know that on December 12, 2019, the Vinton City Council violated Iowa Law and even admitted it? You didn’t? Well, I did because I caught them and turned them in on December 31, 2019.

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