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It's Labor Day - Get off the Computer!

By Valerie Close, Editor · September 2nd, 2019
Yep, as usual, I've been plugging stories onto the website for the email today and it hit me, that most of the world is enjoying a day off today. Some with family, some with friends. So I did something I've never done. I pulled the "new" news down for today so that all you will see in this email are stories that can't wait until the email on Tuesday.

A Lousy, Rotten, Good Day

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 30th, 2019
I hope I'm the only one that has one of these once in a while. Last week it was one of those days. Nothing particular triggered it, but it was a day of reflection and that was not a good thing to do, but once you're there, you're there. I spent the day traveling a lot covering stories in the southern part of the county and here and in between and making about 5 trips throughout the day, which is a lot.

Shut the front door...or don't

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 27th, 2019
I knew as soon as I shut the door and closed my hand around my keys that I did it again. I grabbed my camera, my list, yes my handwritten list which I USUALLY leave on the table and then I locked the door, shut it and headed to the car. My first thought was, Oh crud, I grabbed the wrong key, I don't have the car key! Let's see I have a key to a friends house, a key to the mailbox at the post office, a key to the bank box and 2 other unidentified pieces of metal, but no car key.

Ya did it now, you broke the internet, well, the website anyway....

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 27th, 2019
We haven't had this problem for a long time, so it was difficult to decide what was going on. All I could tell my tech guy was, "I can't get on to the website! HELP!" I told him what I could see on my end, he did what he could on his end and we were back. Then it happened again last night. I had been having computer issues, I think the pictures and video are bogging it down, along with everything else on this little laptop, so I figured it was probably me.

Journal Entry: Vinton Sesquicentennial

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 26th, 2019
Well now, you can't say that Vinton doesn't know how to throw a party!The exhaustion I feel tonight, er, this morning lays at the feet of one Ms. Melissa Schwan. That gal sure knows how to make this Ms. Reporter Person exhausted! It is now 1:30 on Sunday morning and the party has been over, officially, for an hour and a half.

Out of Bounds

By Jeff Holmes, Correspondent · August 26th, 2019
Being the political animal that I am, I am naturally following all of the activity as the Democrats position themselves for the Iowa Caucuses early next year. There’s a lot of intrigue and daily ebbs and flows of how the candidates line-up against each other with the voters; brings back some great memories.

Sheryl, the shoes are in your she-shed, maybe

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 19th, 2019
I admit it, I HATE shopping. Hate it, hate it, hate it! I don't know why, it was just never my thing...maybe because for the mom of 6 you can't afford for it to be your thing unless it's at the grocery store.Then things changed, the house emptied out, and now the shopping I do is usually anywhere from midnight until 3 in the morning, my downtime.

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 14th, 2019
There are things that I absolutely love about this job, that wouldn't be the part where I have to figure out technology, but the part where I get to meet some of the most awesome people in our corner of the world. Last weekend was a flurry of activity as I covered the Izaak Walton League's Jakes Day, Garrison's Fun Day and then took a break to visit the Grovert family in Newhall.

It's not news but...I hope this makes you smile too

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 8th, 2019
While driving to church on Sunday morning I noticed that the Ketchen building was having some work done on it/ The mural had recently been removed and I knew the plan was to do some needed maintenance on the building while the artwork had been relocated.Apparently, my mind works in sound bites.  I couldn't just drive by and take note of that, I needed to make sure that it wasn't Mary Poppins that I saw near the top of the building on the lift part of the truck.

Letter to the Editor: A Person of Color

By Vinton Today · August 2nd, 2019
Editor: The so-called “squad” (Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley) say they are people of “color”. Well, I’m a person of color as well; particularly when I was out in the July sun all day cultivating corn – yep I was tan. When I took antibiotics that were light-sensitive I turned red in only two hours of work.

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