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Letter to the Editor: Do the Holocaust survivors see something you don't?

Dear Editor, I was once berated for comparing the covid situation to the Holocaust. Watch this documentary by Holocaust survivors and their family members concerning the COVID vaccine. Honestly, if you deny it after listening to these survivors, then shame on you. They experienced the Holocaust, you didn't, I'm pretty sure they have better insight than any of us.

Letter to the Editor: Transition - WOKEness - Normal

Dear Editor:  So we are to think that the transition of males to females and females to males is normal??Chemical castration of males before puberty is not Child Abuse??  Amputation of Female breasts and surgical removal of healthy ovaries before female maturity is normal? Drag queen shows for  oung children and pornographic materials in open sections of our public libraries are O.
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Letter to the Editor: Origins of the Language We Speak & How it Deceives us

Dear Editor, The words we use every day, have completely different meanings than what you think they do. It is extremely important to learn, & understand the origin of the words, to understand the true meaning of what is being said. Our government has been using our language to deceive us, & it's time people do some research on how to properly understand the wording they use.

Letter to the Editor: General Flynn, A time to pray and a time to stand

Dear Editor, Hmmm, what did General Flynn just say? suppose you're going to tell me he doesn't know what he's talking about. Valerie Bearbower 

Letter to the Editor: The Swan has to sing...again

Dear Editor, I can't keep quiet anymore.  Approximately FIVE MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have infested OUR great country.  Now our so-called "leader" says, "Don't just show up at the border!"  Really??  For about 5 minutes he had an Asylum Plan.  Ran across the bottom of the screen on the SCRIPPS NEWS, and "Poof," it was gone.
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Letter to the Editor: Team Red or Team Blue?

Dear Editor, Who do you vote for, team red or team blue? It really doesn't matter, they're not playing for you. There's only one narrative that they want to feed you, now it's up to you to decide whether it's true. Let's follow the money up to the top, then maybe you'll realize, it's time to make it stop.

It’s just a flower

Sometimes the little things bring good memories. Somewhere in the area there might still be a huge Christmas cactus taking up window space. I have a smaller version of the same plant in my kitchen window.The only instruction that came with the plant was to water it every time it rains in Arizona. I figured a plant like that, I probably couldn’t hurt too bad.

Letter to the Editor: What's up Doc?

Dear Editor, Channel 9 said that Pamela Ewell, our superintendent here in Benton Community, (they should note that she prefers the title Dr. to be added before her name) said that she will still "fight" to see these changes made in the district. That's alright, you can keep fighting, but we will still keep voting, NO!She said in that interview, "We've got CPI Index at some of the highest it's been in years, you have property valuation increases.
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Iowa could finally Ban the Dog Breed Bans

The discussion of what kind of dog you can own, and the ridiculous idea that a dog's heritage can be determined by someone who is not trained to do so has always hit me as odd. Funny. Peculiar. Bizzare. Unusual. Contingent on someone liking your dog. Weird. Unconventional. Outdated, that's the word, outdated. I like to think that the more information we have, the more educated we'd be.

Letter to the Editor: Vote NO!

Dear Editor, A little over 5 years ago, we made the decision to move out of Cedar Rapids (and the Cedar Rapids Community School District) back to my hometown of Norway. The house we bought would've easily cost another $70,000-80,000 in or near Cedar Rapids, and the property taxes and utilities were considerably less. We loved the fact that the kids could ride their bikes around town, or go to the park and play with their friends without having to worry or have adult supervision (which is not the case in Cedar Rapids!).
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