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Stop Appointing Council Members. It’s Time We Start Voting!

Dear Editor,The 4th Ward councilperson, Bethany Gates, has resigned, effective May 1st.  Tonight the Council is going to announce that they intend to fill that vacancy by appointment.  I do not agree with that decision.  I am announcing that I will be beginning a petition requesting a special election to fill the vacancy, so if you live in the 4th Ward, I may be stopping at your house.

Letter to the editor: Failure to Comply

Dear Editor, Today was yet another supervisor meeting. While today seemed calmer, and it makes me wonder if it was due to two missing ingredients, I am noticing something after reviewing previous terms on a settlement they had with the former Board of Health. I had pulled a copy of that and was looking it over.The supervisors were to receive open records training according to that settlement.
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Supervisor notes for 4/2/24 (Part 2)

---Warning, it's a long one but will answer questions.In the second half of the Supervisor's meeting, the meeting was turned over to Sue Wilber the Benton County Human Resource Director, who according to the agenda had an update. She talked for more than 15 minutes after saying she had allegedly been approached by one staff member and one nonstaff member to clarify concerns or misconceptions.

Letter to the Editor: Capt Gary Barnhill - F-105 pilot based in Udorn Thailand

Editor:I was based at  UpTApao Royal Thai Navy Airfield - ThailandOne of my last refueling flights in Thailand was a cell of two KC-135s and a flight of 4 F-105 out of Udorn Thailand - going not know where.  Wolf Flight had their names on their canopy rails.  All were Majors and above.  On this flight Wolf 3 crashed.  Not knowing why, but we learned he was on his 99th mission.


It's funny how the game of basketball conjures up memories for me, and not good ones. When I was a teenager, baseball/softball was more my game. That started in the backyard of the neighbor. Being the chubby player in high school, it was assumed that for sure I couldn't hit a baseball. Every time I stepped up to bat, the players moved in. I knew that if I could get them to move up to the baseline, I had 'em.
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Happy Easter!

Hopefully, most of you will be able to spend time with your family this weekend.  The kids will be able to enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt provided by the local Kiwanis Club with the help of the residents at Windsor Manor and the Easter Bunny of course. Traditions are something that you don't realize until you're a bit older that you can look back on with a fond memory.

“Cor·rup·tion” Defined

First I need to set the record straight. If you read the last opinion piece about the “F***” word....In that article I misspoke in the section concerning the role of the sheriff in the narrative. He was requested by Mr. Ben to be a witness to the removal of the camera. My heartfelt apologies to the Sheriff for getting that part wrong and I wanted to correct that for the public at the top of this article.

If Biden loses, it will be because Democrats defeated him

By Dave NaglePresident Joe Biden performed a remarkable, some would say historical, State of the Union address that sent Democratic hopes soaring toward his reelection chances. He was sharp, on occasion humorous, and handled the Republican challenges well.Many of his party members felt he had laid to rest the question of his age. Cash contributions to his campaign and the Democratic National Committee reached near record totals.
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Letter to the Editor: Racoon Bounty - No!

Dear Editor,I am writing to urge the state lawmakers from Benton County to reject Iowa House File 2665, which proposes the implementation of a raccoon bounty program. As residents of Benton County, we cannot afford to support such a wasteful and ineffective proposal. The allocation of $860,000 annually towards a bounty program for raccoons is simply unjustifiable, particularly when considering the pressing needs within our community and the state as a whole.

He's all out of F**** with which he can give

Editor’s note: This story was corrected. I misunderstood the chain of events when the sheriff entered the narrative. His presence was REQUESTED as a witness to the camera removal. My apologies to the Sheriff!)First of all, I want to say that this little county of ours rallied when it needed to. Unfortunately, it took that to probably spare a good man his job.
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