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Letter to the Editor: Street Repairs needed now

By Vinton Today · January 22nd, 2020
Letter to the Editor: City Council not doing their job or whoever is responsible. We have lived here since 2008 and it is sad to see that very, very little of street/sidewalk repair and reconstruction has been done in this city. A very few, if any, might remember I have written about this before. It was when our daughter was still in high school and still today uses a wheelchair.

Dear Editor,I have been wondering if any of the City Council members took the time to read the papers that we gave them?I understand that they passed it off to The City Attorney. Passing the papers off is not what we asked for, and we explained that in the very beginning of the letter! As I stated before, It doesn't take a scholar to figure out that neither the City’s ordinance or The Iowa Code were followed in their entirety.

Letter to he editor: Angels among us

By Van Steenhuyse-Russell Funeral Home · January 20th, 2020
Dear Editor,Angels among us. I have written about this subject in the past but Saturday’s funeral prompted me to repeat myself once again. We have angels among us. They don’t have wings or halos. They have calloused hands and tired feet. They are the selfless people who work in our nursing homes, rehab centers and assisted living facilities.

Dear Editor,We submitted a letter to members of City Council. I just read in the paper that the letter was given to City Attorney Fischer to review. We had already given this information to him, we didn't hear anything from him and he obviously didn't tell The Council he already had the information. And I don't think you have to be a lawyer to figure out that the proper steps were not followed.

Letter to the Editor: Thank you to Emergency Response

By Vinton Today · January 14th, 2020
Dear Editor,Friday night I called 911 to get help for a motorist whose vehicle slid off of Highway 218 and landed on its side.I would like to commend the Emergency Response personnel, starting with the calm, starting with the calm, efficient 911 operator and praise the response time of those who responded.

Tonight's City Council Meeting full of Tough Topics

By Valerie Close, Editor · January 9th, 2020
Following is the link to the agenda for tonight's city council meeting which begins at 7:00 p.m.On the agenda will be a discussion on the silly ordinance in the books of Vinton where an abstention is a "Yes" vote, which was a disaster for Ron Elwick's last meeting as he tried to do the right thing by abstaining from voting, while the ordinance automatically turned his vote on its head.

Showing my Bias

By Valerie Close, Editor · January 8th, 2020
I admit it, I'm a political junkie. As much as I enjoy other interests, usually, politics is what I'm drawn to. Getting to attend political rallies of the presidential candidates, is well, a pretty cool perk of the job. I guess I'm old school, but getting to see a former VP is well, I said, pretty cool.

A Man's Divorce: No Longer a Leper

By Buddy Gatewood · January 3rd, 2020
There I was at work, sitting in my Dilbert cubicle, in my comfortable chair looking at my two computer screens. It was a slow moment and my mind wandered.I saw my calendar and it reminded me it was December. And then I remembered. This is the first anniversary of my divorce. But I could not remember specifically what day it was final.

When computer code rules, sometimes you lose

By Valerie Close, Editor · December 31st, 2019
For the past few weeks the Tech Guy and I have been biting our nails, well I have been, he's been scratching his head, and we've been comparing notes. At one point I told him I was sure that he was hallucinating because he kept telling me that the website was working, but for me, it was not. Then I found out that I had "misbehaved" and the website said, "Oh, huh uh, this lady is NOT going to get access to me!"There is a term called "whitelisting" which is necessary when the website "thinks" that someone is trying to hack it, so it throws up a b...

Letter to the Editor: Nepotism and Nameplates

By Vinton Today · December 30th, 2019
Dear Editor,  A quick google of the word, "Nepotism" brings this definition: the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.As Mr. Sellers pointed out, the appointment of Andrew Elwick was again, not handled properly and as the Mayor joked, they wouldn't even need to change the nameplate in front of Andrew's dad, Ron Elwick's seat.

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