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Who are the people in your neighborhood?

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 14th, 2019
There are things that I absolutely love about this job, that wouldn't be the part where I have to figure out technology, but the part where I get to meet some of the most awesome people in our corner of the world. Last weekend was a flurry of activity as I covered the Izaak Walton League's Jakes Day, Garrison's Fun Day and then took a break to visit the Grovert family in Newhall.

It's not news but...I hope this makes you smile too

By Valerie Close, Editor · August 8th, 2019
While driving to church on Sunday morning I noticed that the Ketchen building was having some work done on it/ The mural had recently been removed and I knew the plan was to do some needed maintenance on the building while the artwork had been relocated.Apparently, my mind works in sound bites.  I couldn't just drive by and take note of that, I needed to make sure that it wasn't Mary Poppins that I saw near the top of the building on the lift part of the truck.

Letter to the Editor: A Person of Color

By Vinton Today · August 2nd, 2019
Editor: The so-called “squad” (Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley) say they are people of “color”. Well, I’m a person of color as well; particularly when I was out in the July sun all day cultivating corn – yep I was tan. When I took antibiotics that were light-sensitive I turned red in only two hours of work.

No, no don't do it Charity!

By Valerie Close, Editor · July 16th, 2019
To those of you that know me well, know that I tend to think in musical terms, not so much quarter note, and treble clefs, but in actual songs. They say that when a song gets stuck in your head you have an earworm. Apparently, I have a ton of them, because they are always coming to the surface when I need an appropriate song.

Big Bang Therapy

By Valerie Close, Editor · July 12th, 2019
How do you spell therapy? You COULD pay someone big bucks for them to say, "uh huh, yes, I understand why you feel that way...what I hear you saying is...now why do you think that you feel this way?" (no offense to therapists)Or you could buy half-priced fireworks, bring them home, light the fuse and enjoy the fact that you haven't been able to do that in forever.

When life hands you a lemon orchard

By Valerie Close, Editor · July 3rd, 2019
Sometimes life doesn't go quite as you expected, sometimes you win the lottery and you can't imagine it being any better. But there are times it doesn't. The saying, "If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade" has been rolling around in my thoughts. Except I was thinking more along the lines that if life hand you a lemon orchard, just go into business!Life isn't perfect, if it were what fun would that be, really? It would be right down boring! However, the boring times are not a bad thing.

The Problem with Multitasking

By Valerie Close, Editor · July 2nd, 2019
As a mom, you learn quickly that you can't simply do one thing at a time. You learn that you have two hands for the sole purpose of juggling. When I first became a mom, I had it together. I knew how this was supposed to be done. Until I fed the baby. I'm not sure if the laundry consisted of more baby clothes and burp cloths as it did adult clothes that were out of the range of the burp cloths.

Letter to the Editor: Health Insurance Concerns

By Vinton Today · July 1st, 2019
EditorI have watched, at least partially to the many vying for the Democrat Presidential nomination.  The first debate was too boring to watch to the end.  I am still attempting to watch the recorded second.  I was indeed struck by the Socialist Senator Sanders describing Medicare for all and the disbanding of private health insurance.

Letter to the Editor: Courthouse Bell

By Vinton Today · June 19th, 2019
Dear Editor, My spouse tells me that I have a pretty good memory but that I sometimesget the facts confused, but I thought I would give this a shot anyway. It seems like a few years ago there was a program organized in Vinton thatwould get folks to donate money to restore the big old clock in the towerof the Benton County Courthouse.

Fossil Fuels, Wind, Water, Solar

By Valerie Close, Editor · June 19th, 2019
In between fighting with my computer, thanks to some sort of virus or malware that I picked up, I try to write stories. This requires pictures. Because of the aforementioned computer issues, I can't get Google Chrome, the king of web browsers to work. Which means I have no idea where my pictures are going when I download them.

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