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Twenty-five years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I interviewed several former teachers and others about what they remember about that day; where they were when they heard the news. Five years ago, on the 50th anniversary, I shared my minority view: I believed what the Warren Commission members said, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing JFK, firing all the shots on Nov.

To the Editor: The midterm will be vote for 'jobs or mobs'

By Valerie Close, Editor · November 1st, 2018
To the Editor: The Midterm: Very likely whatever I write will not change anyone’s mind, perhaps I only do this to express my feelings on what has happened to our economy, social issues, foreign policy, and illegal immigration over the last 10 years. First off I think it appropriate for readers to listen to an inaugural address of a past President who served only a short time until his assassination – namely John F.

History, and why it takes so long to write it...

By Vinton Today · October 30th, 2018
How easy should it be to find out some information about the Governor Buren Sherman, the only Iowa Governor who called Vinton his hometown before becoming a statewide office-holder and moving to Des Moines, and then compile that information into a story about the upcoming Vinton 150th celebration? Pretty easy, it should seem.

Letter to the Editor: Support for Paula Dennison

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 29th, 2018
Dear Editor, I contacted you because As a former teacher, I know the importance of doing homework. It's not just a student skill; it's a life skill. On October 26th, the Center Point Urbana School Board held a Legislative Roundtable and invited all candidates in the area to attend. One candidate for Iowa House District 95 (Christian Andrews) and all the candidates for Iowa House District 75 attended.

Girls 7, Boys 1

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 24th, 2018
It finally happened. It's been a long time in coming. For years we heard, "Well, not this time..." There were funny Facebook posts that led us to believe for a second that we MIGHT have this happen, only to have a twist at the end that said, " but not this time!" Each time, I didn't really care, because I was still thrilled.

Thank you From the Family of Charlotta Toth-Fisher

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 23rd, 2018
The family of Charlotta Toth-Fisher would like to thank all the friends and family members who have been so supportive during the time of her illness and passing. We appreciate all the wonderful memories and feelings that you have shared. Thank you for all the cards, flowers and memorial gifts. A nursing scholarship will be funded from these.


By Valerie Close, Editor · October 16th, 2018
I grew up at a time, when kids in other countries were starving. This was always the reason why I was never allowed to waste food. At least that was the story, and my dad was sticking to it! He was also a firm believer in “waste not, want not”. It wasn’t until after we had been married a while and we had gone out on a date that I said to Dean, “This tastes awful!” He looked at me and said, “You don’t have to eat it.

What Is A Fiber Optic Communications System, and How does it work?

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 16th, 2018
Fiber cables are all over Vinton. Any one of those lines can connect us with the outside world. There are lots of possible configurations, but here is the one that might be the best for Vinton. If we connect to two lines in town, coming from different providers, we would have redundant communications service.

High Speed Broadband arriving at Dial up speed

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 16th, 2018
In September of 2015, a discussion began in the community concerning the need for high speed broadband. Over 3 years ago. In November of 2015, a vote was held in Vinton and the desire to create a Vinton Communications Utility passed by an overwhelming 793 to 104. Also 3 years ago. Many assumed that by now, Vinton would have high-speed broadband.

iVinton: Why it matters

By Vinton Today · September 10th, 2018
By Dean Close, Editor Have you ever wondered what kind of informal awards you would receive, if they gave out random awards based on your habits, personality or actions? For example, I may receive a “Most Likely To Burn Down My Neighborhood Award,” somethng my neighbors and two fire departments can attest to.

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