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Calling all Secret Santas

By Valerie Close, Editor · December 6th, 2019
There are several projects happening around town at this time of the year. Mostly toy drives for the kids to make sure that parents who have fallen on hard times have something under the tree for the kids. The local police officers were able to knock out a fundraiser for area children in one night and directed folks to give to others doing the same kind of program.

A Man's Divorce: The Deeper Magic

By Buddy Gatewood · December 5th, 2019
It would be a lie if I said I was all good. Over the last several days I have discovered just how untrue that is.I would suppose this is no surprise to most anyone who knows me. Maybe it deserves a loud “Well, duh, Buddy.”Since my divorce was final in December, and after three years of the God-awful separation, it would be more correct to say that these last three months have been the proverbial roller coaster.

Editor,Of the Democrat “wanna bees” five seem to be toward the top: Joe “We believe in truth over facts” Biden, Bernie “the communist – hear me roar” Sanders, Elizabeth “I have a plan for that, but how to pay for it is a secret” Warren, Pete “the mayor who has a husband” Buttigieg, and Amy “hair over my eye (Popeye)” Klobucher.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Eastern Iowa Honor Flights

By Vinton Today · December 2nd, 2019
I just received a nice surprise, a beautiful well-done book about the trip. Thanks to all who had part in making this possible. I have been on trips over the last few years, none have been organized as well as this was. What a pleasure my son and I had on this trip, I can only imagine how much organization this involves.

Letter to the Editor: Where's the Evidence?

By Vinton Today · November 25th, 2019
Editor To the critics where’s the evidence? It does no good to only criticize me show me proof. At the end of Sondland’s testimony he stated he had a direct conversation with the President. He asked for clarification the President stated – I wanted nothing – I want nothing – no quid pro quo -- I want the Ukraine Pres.

A Man's Divorce: Walking It Off

By Buddy Gatewood · November 20th, 2019
It was a tough battle back in the early 1970s. As a teenager, I would often hang out in my bedroom and listen to music. The question was always what kind of a mood was I in? Would I play Grand Funk Railroad’s live album or would I listen to my "Evening With John Denver" record?I guess it depended on if I felt rebellious or in need of a mountain-top experience.

Letter to the Editor: Heresay

By Vinton Today · November 19th, 2019
To our many Critics – Regards,After two weeks of hearings and testimony still no proof of Treason, Bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors. What we do have is hearsay two or more times removed and opinion of those testifying that they were not consulted while the President acted on foreign policy to Ukraine.

Grandmother, What green eyes you have

By Valerie Close, Editor · November 19th, 2019
For some, the idea of putting together a project without the directions is right up there with lawbreaking. For the rest of us, it's like Christmas! Ripping open a package filled with 100 parts, the excitement is in trying to figure out how they fit together. Sure, sometimes you end up with extra pieces, which tells me that they should have consulted one of my types to cut the production costs.

Letter to the Editor: In Response

By Vinton Today · November 14th, 2019
For critic Lindsey : How can you be so sure of your data –If what you write is correct the President should most certainly be censured if not removed from office. I am not convinced particularly when Director Comey who reopening the email investigation on Hillary Clinton laid out evidence for indictment, but then concluded that it was not intentional – Good Grief.

A Man's Divorce: Online Dating

By Buddy Gatewood · November 13th, 2019
My daughter said I was behaving like a high school boy. She was right. I was actually thinking that myself.I have dipped my toes into the boy-meets-girl world. It is making me feel a bit younger and has actually energized me.As the divorce drew closer I started to imagine life after the death of a 29-year-old marriage.

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