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It's NOT News, but...Technology

By Valerie Close, Editor · December 12th, 2018
...I have had it with technology. You know the drill, technology is great when it works, but when it doesn't, well in my case, I simply can't work. I'd imagine that the rest of you are the same way. Doctor's offices can't check you in if the computer is down. You can't pump gas if the card reader isn't working.

It's not news but...

By Valerie Close, Editor · December 12th, 2018
A week or so ago, I ran into one of my favorite people at a funeral named Frank Kruse. Now, I hear that Frank was a school teacher, but I didn't know him then. He was also the son of the man that used to own the newspaper (and I'll remind you that we are NOT associated with, and YES people still think that we are.

In Memory: Journalism's quiet, effecient Bob Lutz

By Vinton Today · December 8th, 2018
In our news stories we try to be what the journalism professors call proportional – that means we try to give a story as much length, depth and importance as it deserves. For example, while a large fire or a murder may may make a front page headline, usually a shoplifter or fender bender will not.

While it has appeared on “Welcome to Vinton” signs on display throughout the year, the theme, “City of Lights” was originally a holiday season promotion for our town. The phrase first appeared 35 years ago, in December of 1983, when the Vinton Area Chamber of Commerce’s Retail Bureau originated the slogan as part of its Christmas advertising campaign.

It's Hunting Season, Beware Deer!

By Valerie Close, Editor · December 5th, 2018
Today while touring the town, or should I say I felt like I was "stalking" the town, to see if there might be something newsworthy to write about (hey, that's how it works) I found nothing. Everyone was safe and sound. No one being cuffed and stuffed. Sirens were silent. Ambulances weren't rushing to or from and accident scene.

To the Editor: Why JFK assassination questions persist

By Vinton Today · November 29th, 2018
To the Editor: A comment about the day I will not forget Nov 22, 1963. I was new to Active Duty Air Force a 2nd Lieutenant at Undergraduate Pilot Training at Webb AFB, Big Spring, Texas. That was not the last assassination For Bobby Kennedy and Then Dr. Martin Luther King were killed one by pistol and the latter by rifle some months later.

Twenty-five years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I interviewed several former teachers and others about what they remember about that day; where they were when they heard the news. Five years ago, on the 50th anniversary, I shared my minority view: I believed what the Warren Commission members said, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing JFK, firing all the shots on Nov.

To the Editor: The midterm will be vote for 'jobs or mobs'

By Valerie Close, Editor · November 1st, 2018
To the Editor: The Midterm: Very likely whatever I write will not change anyone’s mind, perhaps I only do this to express my feelings on what has happened to our economy, social issues, foreign policy, and illegal immigration over the last 10 years. First off I think it appropriate for readers to listen to an inaugural address of a past President who served only a short time until his assassination – namely John F.

History, and why it takes so long to write it...

By Vinton Today · October 30th, 2018
How easy should it be to find out some information about the Governor Buren Sherman, the only Iowa Governor who called Vinton his hometown before becoming a statewide office-holder and moving to Des Moines, and then compile that information into a story about the upcoming Vinton 150th celebration? Pretty easy, it should seem.

Letter to the Editor: Support for Paula Dennison

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 29th, 2018
Dear Editor, I contacted you because As a former teacher, I know the importance of doing homework. It's not just a student skill; it's a life skill. On October 26th, the Center Point Urbana School Board held a Legislative Roundtable and invited all candidates in the area to attend. One candidate for Iowa House District 95 (Christian Andrews) and all the candidates for Iowa House District 75 attended.

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