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Sometimes ya gotta get pulled over so you don't run out of gas

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 28th, 2019
I give up. Honest, I don't intentionally try to speed, I just have places to go, and people to see, and pictures to take and video to shoot and my mind is running 100 miles an hour, and the next thing I know there's a friendly cop saying, "Hey lady!"It happened to me on Saturday. I had taken my pictures of the cutest trick or treaters in town and thought to myself, I need a break from "work.

A Man's Divorce: My Redemption

By Buddy Gatewood · October 24th, 2019
I am not a swearing man. You can ask my kids.But sometimes, and only just sometimes, cussing gets to the point and tells the story better than without the bad word. This is one of them. So here it goes. Be prepared.God had to literally kick my ass to get my attention. Literally. Well, sort of literally.

Letter to the Editor: Impeachment over a phone call

By Vinton Today · October 23rd, 2019
Dear Editor,So Congressional Democrats start impeachment proceedings over a PHONE CALL?? A phone call that asked for a FAVOR? Hmmm? I guess I shouldn’t ask my neighbor a favor to care for our pets this weekend while we watch the Cyclones vs. Okie State. Man we have come so far. The Democrats have lost their minds.

Do you take our community for granted?

By Tressa Walton · October 22nd, 2019
When people from out of town stop into our businesses, they frequently say- your town always has something going on. Do you take this for granted? There are lots of little towns who might hold an annual celebration and very little in between. Do you take advantage of everything our town has to offer from the Lion’s Club trailer of food at the football games to the town celebrations? The Kiwanis Club’s pancake breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt that they hold for all the little kids.

A Man's Divorce: The Dog

By Buddy Gatewood · October 16th, 2019
(Buddy Gatewood is a guest columnist that will be sharing his experience as he maneuvers through the struggles of divorce.)I put up with the dog for many years. The Golden Retriever joined our family as a puppy around 1999, and during most of those years, I just did not like him. He got in the way a lot and was not very smart.

If you get too full of yourself, go to a military funeral

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 14th, 2019
In the last couple of years I've been privileged to spend a lot of time around hundreds of military people. You wouldn't think that in the midst of Iowa cornfields, and honestly it all started when I had a glimpse of a dear aunt that rose through the ranks of the Air Force to Lt. Colonel. As she became sick, it was apparent that a trip, or several to San Antonio from Iowa, would give me the chance to be saturated in military friendships.

A Man's Divorce: My Sanctuary

By Buddy Gatewood · October 9th, 2019
(Over the next several weeks, guest columnist Buddy Gatewood will share the struggles he faced as his 30-year marriage fell apart. The articles will describe how his faith was renewed, providing strength to make it through each day during the three years of separation, culminating in divorce.)Over the last few years, my backyard has become my sanctuary.


By Jeff Holmes · October 7th, 2019
I loved superhero comic books when I was kid. I collected lots of them over about 10 or 15 years and my favorites were the Marvel Comics heroes. Unlike DC comics that had people who were pure, virtuous and perfect, the Marvel heroes were fallible, conflicted and — even the mutants — very human. This past Friday, we all went through a loss with the death of Vinton-Shellsburg junior Mike Betterton.

Dear Teenagers

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 4th, 2019
This is an article I had hoped that I'd never have to write. And hesitate to even do it. Our town experienced a loss that we wish we'd never have had.As a mom of 6 that has gone through the teenage years so many times, it's not easy to watch. It was not easy when I was a teenager either.There were many sleepless nights that as a mom that were filled with worry and prayers.

It's not business, it's personal

By Valerie Close, Editor · October 3rd, 2019
The year isn't even over and it will go down in memory as one of the worst for a lot of reasons. So when I got an email from someone that needed me to stop in on business, they added, 'It's nothing bad' I laughed thinking, even if it were, it can't be that bad.I squeezed the stop in between my chiropractor visit which was necessary so that I could walk, (after falling on my back last weekend, thinking it was nothing, and it's really not, I mean hey, I didn't break anything, didn't smack my head, the equipment that I was carrying is safe so othe...

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