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Letter to the Editor: Voting Ease or Difficulty

Dear Editor: On this day May 2, a letter appeared in the CR Gazette attempting to indicate how difficult it would be for the disabled or those without transportation to get to the polls to vote.  I suggest a call to the Benton County Auditor – 319-472-2365.  If one is unable to personally attend a polling place to vote a request for a ballot should be asked for.

Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal

Editor: RE: Ms. GouldYou say I only know half of the story, so what is the other half I seem to have missed?  What do you glean from the misinformation media?  So then you are an expert on military tactics and strategy?  So where did you go to “boot camp” and where did you go to Officer Candidate School? Where did you go to Squadron Officer School, Command and Staff School and finally Air War College?  O.
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Letter to the Editor: 84 billion -- some say 85

Dear Editor, Thanks to all for their comments.  What was not considered by the naysayers was how much equipment given to the Afghani armed forces was given up when they dropped their weapons and deserted their army in the face of the Taliban - when U.S. forces left Bagram in the middle of the night without informing Afghani leaders - to me that was disgraceful.

Reading my mind: Words

I figure that Elon doesn't need a last name. We all know it's the gabillionaire that is driving the world nuts. How? The guy is attempting to buy Twitter and it's suspected that he believes in free speech. Not bad for a guy from South Africa, Canada, and holding citizenship in the United States as well. He said in a Ted Talk, "A good sign as to whether there is free speech, is someone you don't like, allowed to say something you don't like? And if that is the case, then we have free speech.

Letter to the Editor: Living in the present, remembering the past 4

Editor:Living in the present, remembering the past 4This is the Monday after Easter, why did this memory come to me?  No way to explain- perhaps it's my age 80, but I was drawn back to my time in Undergraduate Pilot Training Webb AFB, Big Spring Texas, 1964.  Primary training – Cessna built T-37 twin-engine with Continental Centrifugal flow jet engines – louder than anything on Earth, likely why my high-frequency hearing is affected.
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Reading my mind: Pockets

It all started when the pants went into the laundry. It messed up my whole day. Now granted, I have other clothes to wear, but some don't have pockets. I NEED pockets. This girl has a routine. Put my phone in my pocket, go to the door, put on my coat if it's warranted, put on my shoes, grab my keys, lock the door and go to the car. I'm at the age that if you mess with just one of those steps, I'm a goner.

Letter to the Editor; Support for Wasson

Dear Editor, When our leaders seeking office say "America needs farmers," all too often it feels like nothing more than lip service, a slogan which conveniently makes an appearance when career politicians pander to keep their jobs but one that's also quickly forgotten once they enter the halls of the Capitol in Des Moines. To that end, I'm asking my neighbors to support Justin Wasson, candidate for the Republican nomination in Iowa Senate District 42 (Linn/Benton counties) - he's someone who will truly have farmers' backs.

Letter to the Editor: Living in the present, remembering the past 3

Dear Editor,  This was when I was assigned to the 6th Air-refueling Squadron 6h Heavy Bombardment Wing, Walker AFB, Roswell ,New Mexico. Not sure why this occurred to me, but I was at one of my favorite “watering holes”, and I thought about a TDY (Temporary Duty) assignment from many years ago; perhaps when I was 24- maybe 26, to Alaska.
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Reading my mind: Dispatchers

This week is National Dispatcher Week. The dispatcher is the voice on the other end of a 911 call. The calm, cool and collected voice that sends help. Some dispatchers might joke that they are the ONLY ones that get to tell the cops where to go and not get arrested for it. The people on the receiving end of the 911 calls have a completely different set of worries when they are at work.

Letter to the Editor: $84 Billion

Dear Editor:The final account of USA military equipment and cash left behind in Afghanistan!Source: GAO analysis of Department of Defense data.Just imagine if the US had supplied just 30% of this military equipment to Ukraine.Thanks to the Government Accountability Office, we now have a clear picture of just how much U.S. military equipment has fallen into the hands of the Taliban, thanks to Joe Biden's bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan.
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