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Letter to the Editor: Moral Compass Spinning

Dear Editor, So many things are happening in our country that defies common sense. It absolutely blows me away when I read or learn of unbelievable situations that have and are occurring! Things that are being allowed or applauded should cause any person with a working mind and a moral compass to wonder what is happening to our country. Why have we allowed it?Children are being allowed to identify as a cat.

Letter to the Editor: A Rebuttal

Editor:From Lindsey, Good Grief! “. Both Putin and Trump expected Trump to win a second term. When he didn't win, Trump was prepared to disregard our election process and proclaim himself the winner. He had spent most of his term, trying to tear NATO apart. He succeeded in getting most NATO countries to question the leadership of his U.S.A. He lied to all Americans about how NATO works.
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Letter to the Editor: What to Look for in Accessible Homes

By Patrick YoungBuying a home is a big decision, and it’s something that should be well-thought-out. There are a lot of things to consider, such as location, size, price, and accessibility. If you’re looking for an accessible home, there are certain features to look for when house hunting.Vinton Today shares what you need to look for in your search, as well as other important considerations to ensure that your home meets your needs.

Letter to the Editor: A history lesson from 1963

Editor: There is a history that is germane today even though it occurred 59-54 years ago.  That period was when I was on active duty USAF.  I was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in May of 1963 and went on active duty the November of that year.  I reported in at Webb AFB, Big Spring, Texas to begin Undergraduate Pilot Training.

Reading my mind: Yippie-ki-yay

There are very few actors and actresses that I love to see in the movies. But one of them I love is Bruce Willis. The guy has been fortunate to be able to find the funniest writers for his TV series "Moonlighting" with Cybil Shephard back in the 80s to all of the quirky lines he said in the movies.While he could make you laugh through that series, he also had you on the edge of your seat in the "Die Hard" series.
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Letter to the Editor: What is a woman?

Editor: So President Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee. Ketanji Brown -Jackson,  cannot define what is a “woman”?  I don’t have that problem as I have lived with a woman for north of fifty years.  She has presented me with three children which are now adults and have families of their own.  A woman has two breasts which at the proper time lactate, she has two ovaries which at the proper time produce eggs, which at the proper time are fertilized, which at the proper time are adhered to the womb, and then through the miracle of pregnancy are delivered as miniature humans.

Stupid Criminals: Judge Told Him Not to Escape

The rest of the headline reads, "and Then He Escaped." This was from a news release that came in from the Federal Court in Cedar Rapids. I receive news releases every day from the federal court system, concerning cases that have been prosecuted and the outcome. The headline on this one made me say, "Seriously?"But yes, a Cedar Rapids man evaded capture for nearly a month after he walked away from custody at a halfway house.

Reading my mind: Wonder

Sometimes you need a reminder to stop and take a look around you. Take in the scenery. The other day I had my two-year-old granddaughter strapped into the backseat of the car. As I pulled up to a stop here in Vinton I heard, "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" The inflection in her voice told me that whatever it was, to her, it was awesome. I sat there looking around and tried to figure out what had grabbed her attention.
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Letter to the Editor: Gas Prices

Dear Editor, This should make Americans ask the fundamental question: what is the difference between what a public non-profit utility company provides and what a private for-profit oil company provides?  After all, they both sell energy to all United States citizens.  The difference is that natural gas and electricity are sold in the form of a public good whereas oil is sold in the form of a private good.

Reading my mind: Gravida

If I died tonight, I would die one proud mama. For years I've known that my kids were stubborn. They will dig their heels in when they believe that they are right and will not back down. I saw that when the oldest went to college. I saw it other times in almost all of my kids. I got to see that this week on Capitol Hill and on Iowa Public Radio. Now I suppose some of you have had a chance to see your kids excel and you were proud.
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