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Trump, DeSantis, Kennedy Jr. and Doug

Ah, 'tis the political season. It's been somewhat comical to see all of the hats flying into the political ring.So far, on the Republican side, there are now 11 candidates. There's that one guy that no one knows anything about, Donald Trump, followed by Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Perry Johnson, Larry Elder, Asa Hutchinson, Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, Mike Pence and Doug.

Letter to the Editor: Cemeteries

Dear Editor, As we celebrated Memorial Day, we honored those who died in battle or after injuries sustained in battle. As I drove through Evergreen Cemetery I was happy to see the flags that were placed on veterans graves to honor them. We must never forget the sacrifices that veterans have made and the sacrifices that current military men and women are making for our freedom.
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Letter to the Editor: Political Ads...Political Debates...Oh, the Headaches!!

Dear Editor, WELL, THE BIG RACE IS ON!!  Haven't you noticed?  I wish I hadn't!! So far, President Biden's Democratic challengers are remaining rather silent.  My gut tells me this is only temporary.  I think Kennedy could blow in at any time and knock the feeble old man over.    So, hold on.  Who is the woman????  Doubtful she can mount a decent challenge.

Post-it notes and old fashioned, handwritten notes

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who continue to send in donations toward Vinton Today. If you look inside my car, you'll find a post-it note hanging on my mirror with a note that one of you sent. In my visor, you'll also find another note that someone sent in along with their donation. And in the cover of a notebook that I use for another event, I have notes from a bunch of you that you've sent in along with a check.

Vinton man's latest round in court finds him guilty of taking off with winnings

A Vinton man's latest charges didn't bring the "whoo hoo!" that you hear in the commercials for lottery winners. Then again, Logan Steven Moody, 23 of Vinton may have heard that in his head. In reality, it brought the sound of a jail cell door slamming behind him, again.Moody was arrested for cashing in another person's winnings at the Isle Casino in Waterloo.
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Letter to the Editor: Living in the Present, remembering the past

Dear Editor, One of our last missions  “in country”  Thailand:We were to refuel a flight of four F-105s. All we knew was a cell of two KC-135 Tankers and four F-105 crossed the hostile fire line heading East. Wolf Flight had the names of their drivers on the side of the aircraft near the canopy rail all were of field grade rank (majors and above).

Letter to the Editor: Thank you for the Rhubarb!

Dear Editor, I would like to express a big “Thank You” to everyone who generously donated rhubarb from their garden to our program! (4th St. Diner) “Local food is about getting the freshest and best-tasting food. It’s also about connecting and strengthening your community.Anna Lappe

That "getting old " thing

This week a couple of things happened that reminded me that I'm not living in the 80s anymore. That to me, was the "good ol' days."First, I plugged in my order on my McDonald's app, you know the place you go when you no longer cook and you're on the run. I thought, "Well, I could get this and tweak it to make it healthier. I REALLY love their strawberry cream pies, but I think I'll get apple slices, that's a healthier choice.
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Letter to the Editor: This world is going crazy!

Dear Editor, As I was drinking my first cup of coffee this morning, Good Morning America came on.  I usually watch the first hour to hear the top news stories.  My mind was trying to comprehend everything I was hearing.  It was too difficult.  I thought, THIS WORLD IS GOING CRAZY!!  [Knowing how slanted my opinions are to "some" readers,  I will now inform you that I am writing this as an ordinary citizen of Iowa and the United States.

Letter to the Editor: Fiscally Responsible County?

Dear Editor, Today I just saw that the average wage increase nationwide for 2023 is 4.6%. A St.Luke’s hospital employee told me they only got a 2% raise. Really? With the shortage of healthcare workers?Does it seem to anyone else the county employees received an overly generous raise this year? I think our supervisors need to be a little more responsible with our tax dollars.
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