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Letter to the Editor: Maybe...It's not so bad!

Dear Editor, When I was teaching school in Kansas, I got up at 5:15, so I could get to school by 6:15 and get ready for all my classes.  No one was there that early except for the cooks.  After I retired, it was hard to remove the clock from my brain.  I solved it by working the night shift as a correctional officer for the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office for 8 months before returning to Vinton.

Letter to the Editor: ALERT VINTON ROADS

Dear Editor,       As a citizen of Vinton, I want to rally people to make our voices known to the Town Council. I live on West 3rd Street between the Courthouse and Hwy 218; first this is the BUSIEST street in Vinton. Our inter-structure of Vinton roads are HORRENDOUS!  Why is there not anything being done to upgrade our roads????  WHY???  Someone please explain.
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Try that in a small town

Song by Jason Aldean - Try that in a Small Town Country singer, Jason Aldean the guy who was onstage during a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert in 2017 dared to record a song called 'Try That In A Small Town.'As a result, everyone is melting down. The song was released in May and is just now getting people all up in arms...about the song, not about the behavior he's describing in the song.

Letter to the Editor: Food Truck Court Request

Dear Editor, It would be great if there were a food truck court in town. People are often confused about “where” the trucks can be found, just how many there are, the times and menus. It’s a pain to try and follow each one. C’mon people let’s get together.Betty Thorsvig

78° is the Perfect Temperature for Air Conditioning

...according to Alliant Energy. As I was driving, I had the radio on and heard a gal from Alliant Energy come on. She was giving tips for energy consumption. "Turn your thermostat up to 78°." I glanced at the thermostat in my car. It was cranked down to what my car labels "cold" which is below 70°. Most of the time that is just about right. Of course, that's if I have the fan on low.
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The words we don't say out loud

I attended the meeting this week of a new organization in Benton County called the Benton County Suicide Prevention Coalition (BCSPC). The group is still in the forming stages. They are setting up the legalese, the tax forms, the logos, the messaging, in other words, all the details.I went to the meeting mostly because the topic hits home with me.

Letter to the Editor: What a mess!

Dear Editor, Today, after a doctor's appointment, I was watching Scripps News.  Suddenly, all this gibberish was thrown out at me.  I turned the television off.  For me, that's a big deal.This country is in a gigantic mess!!  *We have severe drought in the Midwest,*We have flooding on all the coasts.*We have outbreaks of tornadoes daily.

Letter to the Editor: Living in the present, the past forwards the future

Dear Editor: (forgive the length - if you read grab your favorite beverage first.) Living in the Present, remembering some past events on the farm: and future energy sources One of the more pleasant experiences of age and retirement is that I have time to read books. I mean books, not the electronic ones but ones with pages made of paper. One other thing about age - one of my wiser friends treated me with this profundity; "It is easy to get old; it is hard to be old".
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Letter to the Editor: Concerns of loyalty to taxpayers

Dear Editor, Wow, Mr. Primmer. I have kept quiet for long enough. Wake up and start putting Benton County first. As an elected local official, I expect you to be above all the collusion and bull**** that occurs in federal and state government.1. Yet you pulled the bull**** in the hiring of the weed commissioner by getting the job for your grandson. Then you jump parties to back Thompson.

Letter to the Editor: Affirmative Action

Dear Editor, The purpose of affirmative action in the United States was to create government programs to overcome the effects of past societal discrimination by allocating jobs and resources to members of specific groups, such as minorities and women.  There is no question that past societal discrimination occurred in the United States and perhaps the only appropriate remedy {at the time} was affirmative action.
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