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Letter to the Editor: If we aren't happy is it our fault? Or...

Editor:          In the opinion page of the C.R. Gazette and the D.M. Register today Nov. 27 there is nothing right with the world.  Someone is always downtrodden or mistreated in some way.  Perhaps – just perhaps it is their fault, but not recognizing that they want someone else to solve their problem; likely one they can solve themselves with their own effort.

Letter to the Editor: The assault of the Institution of Marriage continues

Dear Editor,The Neo-Dems continued their attack on our society, our institutions, and our families today with the signing of the ludicrously named “Respect for Marriage Act”. Just what is “marriage”?? Well, after today it means anything the government says it means. During the Clinton years marriage was defined by the government as the union of a man and a woman.
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Letter to the Editor: Time to Move On

Dear Editor, Did you hear George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and others turn over in their graves and mutter a collective, "You've got to be kidding me" recently?  I did!  Donald Trump, this country's former president with the biggest ego ever, wants the Constitution changed for him.  I thought I'd heard everything absurd come out of his mouth since the 2020 election.

Letter to the Editor: Benefits to Vinton Living

Dear Editor, Vinton is the place to be; to live. I speak from my position of an 85. year old male living in a local nursing home. My wife arrived in Vinton three years ago, me two.Our family learned that the Virginia Gay Hospital Rehab facility was one of the best in the area ( we lived in Hiawatha at the time). Our daughter and myself decided to move to Vinton as well; last year I joined my wife.

Vinton, the City of Christmas Lights

Part of the fun of Christmas is the build-up to the big day, December 25th. The Christmas wish lists, the smuggling gifts into the house to be wrapped and hidden or snuck under the tree. My favorite part of the holiday is seeing all of the Christmas lights. Lights in the stores. Lights in and around all of the homes. It seems that this year we have even more in town that I can remember.
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How mosquitoes came to Hawaii, Science Edition

Sometimes I read something that leaves me scratching my head. Like this one in the Iowa Capital Dispatch entitled, "How mosquitoes came to Hawaii."Now, the Iowa Capital Dispatch is a left-leaning publication, that I usually take a gander at in the mornings. Sometimes they have things that affect our area, and they keep an eye on what's happening Des Moines so I follow it.

Letter to the Editor: Something to Consider

Dear Editor,  It doesn't matter if you vote red or blue, this is a humanity issue & it affects every one of you.   For every hospital, doctor, nurse, health care professional, health care worker, & mortician as well, you are being called out. If you stand by & do nothing, or worse yet, continue to push this "covid vaccine", you are now complacent in the biggest crime against humanity ever seen in history.

Reading my mind: 1st Amendment

A few weeks ago I had a note disagreeing with something I said. Then the writer ask me not to cite what was said, so I won't but there was one line that made my mouth drop open for a couple of reasons. The author referred to my love of the 1st Amendment. According to the writer, I "constantly site (sic)" it. They are right. I am kinda partial to that whole first amendment thingy.
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Elected County Attorney Lough Thanks Community for Support

Dear Friends and Readers,The election is over and the work has begun. The transition from one elected official to another is always challenging and it’s impossible to measure the stress of those individuals working in the office. I am pleased to share that I have had discussions with Dave Thompson and they have all been positive and directed to create the smoothest transition possible.

Letter to the Editor: Veteran's Day Program Kudos

Dear Editor,I attended the Veterans Day Program last Friday put on by the V-S School District with my father, a 94 year-old veteran. I, and he, were really blessed!All of the students were were well behaved and the teachers were in command of their "platoon." The many patriotic songs were so good to hear. We heard "God Bless America" and "God Bless The USA" in a public school and that means so much to many of us !!!  Thank you Ms Martin and Mr Tabaka, vocal music instructors !I can't help but believe that this performance by the students will have an impact upon them.
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