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Reading my mind: Meetings

There are times that I dread going to meetings.  I'm fascinated with government meetings and how everything works. I love learning about who does what, and who's in charge of which problem, and which branch state, county or city calls the shots for all of the issues. Each meeting seems to have a different feel to it. My absolute favorite is the city council meetings.

Letter to the Editor: Biden's Executive Order 14067

Dear Editor,How many of you know about this?Do you realize President Biden plans on getting rid of your dollar & going to digital currency....sooner than you think? Do you fully understand what that means? Do you really want a social credit score? The government will now track every cent that you have. They will have the ability to limit your funds, take your funds, or completely cut you off if they don't like what you're buying, who you are supporting, what websites you are visiting, etc.
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Letter to the Editor: Division, Fear, Government overreach, Lies, Taxes, Wars

Dear Editor, Haven't you all had enough already? Are you ready to put a stop to it all? What if I told you that all we have to do is unite, & collectively say that we are no longer going to put up with this corruption, this evil. I didn't think it was possible to have too much faith, but maybe I do. Maybe I have too much faith in we the people, our friends, our families, & our community.

Letter to the Editor: Energy - now what?

Der Editor: Here I go again: We are in a crossroads as to what we will use for our energy.  Energy utilized by all brought people from poverty to the middle class.   It was 1947 before my Father and Mother were able to retire the kerosene lamps used to provide light after the sun went down to our rural home also when Mom was able to retire the corn cob burning kitchen stove and the brass bucket used for weekly baths along with the Maytag washing machine [powered by a one cylinder gasoline motor].

The eyes have it

I don't know why, but it seems like I put off going to those annual checkups. Well, I guess I know why for some of them, but for others like the eye doctor, what's the big deal? I mean really. There are no drills involved like at the dentist's office. Or other weird happenings that take place at the doctor or hospital, so why put it off? I don't know, it's probably one of those, "dumb things I have to do and don't feel like I have time to do it" things.
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Letter to the Editor: How many sexes are there?

Dear Editor: I grew up on a farm and from my earliest years, I witnessed the mating rituals of cattle and hogs and other animal species.  I never saw a transgender bull, boar, ram, cow, sow, ewe, or any other species.  So, am I an outlier?  We have now a “woke” culture, what exactly does that mean?  No one is exactly sure anymore, particularly of a generation that is in my age group.

Reading my mind: Time

I suppose it's an age thing. But I lately I've been pondering the number of days a person has on this earth and how best to spend them. Working full time, being a mom and grandma and wishing for more hours in a day, days in a week and more years is hard. This past weekend was one of those times. I had planned to take Friday and the rest of the weekend off to lend a hand and help one of the kids, but I was torn.

Letter to the Editor: Watch what folks do, not what they say

Dear Editor, Darrin Lindsey . . . . I get it . . . you’re a follower . . . a believer . . . you trust in those you choose to follow. I get it. You question nothing they say. You believe all that is laid before you. It’s science after all!! There are many who follow that path. Honestly, I just can’t . . . I can’t.Someone says that “It’s the hottest summer on record!!!” .
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Letter to the Editor: Iran and assassination

Dear Editor:Just in:  Iran and its militant governance placed a $300,000 bounty on John Bolton's (former Nat. Security Advisor) head and a $1,000,000 bounty on Mike Pompeo (former SEC State).  Why on Earth are we negotiating with this criminal element?  President Biden should stipulate post haste "If you threaten our people in any way, I will unleash our military response on your heads of State!"  If you wish to go to your, "so-called paradise with many virgins"  we will grant you your wish!!! President Bidon Where Is Your Guts??  Why the hell is John Kerry attempting to redo the Nuclear deal??  They only shrink from those who Choose POWER.

Disinformation and where it comes from

Can you pick out the pit bull? It only took around 10 seconds to decide which one it must be... "Just FYI there were only 5 pit bulls in Keystone, I repeat 5, not sure where all the dis information is coming from. At least fact check a topic so sensitive as this, thank you. I know this how? I was the deputy tasked with speaking with the 5 families."There's one word that irritates me to no end, and that's the word "disinformation."  It's so overused lately that it does not affect the hearer.
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