Spontaneity is really overrated

I'm still adjusting to city living. I look three times before cracking my door open in my jammies to throw something out in the trash now. Then there's is the trash can. For me, it's just large enough and awkward enough that it's not something I take to the curb without careful maneuvering. Throw in hands that don't function quite right, it's a pain.

Letter to the Editor: You have to start somewhwere

The headlines read:"TWO PEOPLE HACKED TO DEATH WITH AXES!!""POISONED WIFE CUT UP: BODY PARTS FOUND IN NEARBY WOODED AREA!!""TEACHER BEAT TO DEATH WITH BASEBALL BAT!!"In the United States, Capital Punishment is a legal penalty at the federal level.  It is also a legal penalty for some military offenses.  Capital Punishment is still available in 27 states and in American Samoa.

Letter to the Editor: Serving Responsibly

Dear Editor, A section of your article stood out to me concerning HR in Benton County. We would never think it "normal" for three grown women to tell a grown man that they can't do a job fearing it might be "too much." However, it appears that the Benton County Supervisors are comfortable demeaning one of their own employees in this public way by telling a grown woman that she is not capable of handling a task.

A really old burr in my saddle: Newspapers

Updated: Well, never mind, the Iowa Senate voted to continue having government entities funding newspapers...in the meantime, Vinton Today will keep plugging along without government dollars...---I had to giggle as I dumped my junk mail on the counter and opened the Livewire. I have no idea why I do it, habit I guess. There's never anything worth opening it for, and I guess I'm still looking for the grocery store ad.

Burr in my saddle: HR

On one hand, the county insists that they are working hard to keep expenses down. The other hand is reaching for your wallet. It seems that the supervisors keep racking up more expenses for you and me to pay for. Some expenses are needed. Some are not. One thing they've been doing is expanding government, creating new departments to hire new people, to do jobs that are already being done by someone else.

Burr in my Saddle: Ethics

Maybe it would be easier to just do a "Burr in my saddle" column rather than trying to wrap it all pretty and putting a bow on it, I'll just tell ya what's bugging me. Then I realize I probably have to define the term, "burr in my saddle," especially since most of us know nothing about horses and would have no idea how that works. The term "burr in my saddle" means something that is a "source or cause of intense and persistent annoyance or irritation.

Letter to the Editor: The Biden Crime Family

Dear Editor, While everyone zeros in on booking former President Trump in New York City, an Ex-Obama staffer blows the whistle on the Biden Crime Family. The information shared points the finger at President Biden during his term as Vice-President. Mike McCormick, a White House a stenographer during President Obama's term said of the Biden family, "Joe Biden is a criminal.

Shouting down speakers who disagree with us is not freedom of speech

By Randy EvansMy friend Denny and I were as different as night and day. He was conservative; I wasn’t. I accused him of being to the right of Attila the Hun. He accused me of working for Pravda, the famed Communist party newspaper.We thoroughly enjoyed poking each other this way. It was invigorating to hash over issues that were bubbling up in rural Iowa, at the Capitol in Des Moines, or out in Washington.

Letter to the Editor: The Veteran Appeal

Dear Editor, I have recently decided to drop my appeal for the county Weed Commissioner position. This decision was made of my own accord. I decided that the upcoming process was not worth the stress and that after careful consideration I was no longer interested in this position at this time.I wish to thank everyone for their support and encouragement.

Letter to the Editor: A cult tragedy in the making

Dear Editor, Before anyone starts screaming and running for their laptops, I need to remind you once again that I am a fairly new Republican, and I can't wait to plaster my home and lawn with Ron DeSantis flags and stickers.  The following opinions and ideas are mine...All mine.As most of you have been bombarded both on television and online and in conversations with the Donald Trump saga, I have been mulling over things I've viewed, heard, and read.
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