To the persons who are trapping house cats in the area of 11th Ave and 5th Street and the west side of Vinton,

Will you please STOP!!

Not all cats are homeless. The cats being taken around 11th Ave and 5th Street are well fed, well groomed, neutered, and spayed. One by the name Buddy, a big orange male, well groomed, well fed, neutered; was the Nicest, Friendliest Cat EVER!!!! Great with children and elderly. "EVERYONE"
The cats being taken are only mousing and do a GREAT JOB at it and have greatly reduced the number of mice coming inside from the yard and fields around us.
One neighbor, a 75 year old gentleman, has a walking disability and no family in the area. His cats are his sole companions and worries about them constantly, night and day. THEY ARE HIS FAMILY!! He has lost several cats recently which has caused this person a great deal of anguish and grief. Why would a cat be less of a companion than a dog??
Why do people think it's ok to hunt and trap pets without regard to the worry, grief, and sadness it causes children, grandchildren, adults and elderly? They cherish and love their cats as pets, companions and family.
Private Vets cost between $200 - $400 for a spay/neuter procedures. THESE ARE NOT FERAL CATS!!!
The incidents have been reported to the police.
D M Lough

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GB November 7, 2022, 7:27 pm Why do you believe they are being trapped? There are natural predators that will take a cat, even in town. I've seen it although it's been a couple of years.
Hawks will take a cat and coyotes will most definitely take a cat and they will be active at night in any town, Even Vinton.
DC November 8, 2022, 8:20 am Maybe if your cats are collared people will realize they are pets. Also as far as the city goes why not go back to having a animal shelter funded by OUR tax dollars. This would be a good thing.I remember years ago donating food and blankets to the shelter we had at one time. Thanks for listening
Doug Cook
RL November 8, 2022, 2:42 pm If they are running loose in the neighborhood then I am not sure I would call them "House" cats. As to why they would be treated differently than dogs, I would offer that they are not being treated differently. If dogs were running loose in the neighborhood they would be getting scooped up as well. If its a pet, perhaps toss a collar on it and keep it in the house.
DL November 8, 2022, 3:41 pm Being HUNTED OR TRAPPED
I was missing three cats, I got a lead of them being trapped and where they were being released at. I found two of them at said location across the river!
GB November 13, 2022, 9:52 am I knew an elderly man a few years back who has passed now but his wife used to bring home every stray cat she could find. It was never long before that cat had had kittens. I remember seeing over 50 cats at one time at his place. Eventually, he took matters into his own hands, and he started thinning them out every time his wife would visit her mother for a few days. I think he even disposed of his neighbor's cats a few times.