With the final results of the 2022 election reported, Kate Wyatt, democratic candidate for Iowa House District 76, has conceded.

"I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to run and helped us do the work," said Wyatt. "Every extra effort to help us get our message to the voters, to encourage me along the way, and to support our campaign is appreciated beyond words."

Wyatt continued: "Although I am disappointed at the outcome tonight, the fight in me is not over. I am proud to continue to represent the city of Hudson, and will continue to work as a leader in the Cedar Valley and for the causes that are so near and dear to me."

"I appreciate every voter that marked my name on the ballot, and I promise you all I will continue to fight for the things you told me are important to you and will be watching closely to make sure our newly elected officials do the same," said Wyatt.


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