Letter to the Editor: City Council not doing their job or whoever is responsible.

We have lived here since 2008 and it is sad to see that very, very little of street/sidewalk repair and reconstruction has been done in this city.

A very few, if any, might remember I have written about this before. It was when our daughter was still in high school and still today uses a wheelchair. The frustration was then that cars would HONK at her and our local police would stop her and tell her to get off the streets. I can't tell how much that hurt and angered her and still does. She has all the safety patches on and a flag. The problem? The city is behind the times!! Sidewalks all over town that are NOT up to code. Code at one end and a drop off at the other end. And the condition of them? You hardly dare to walk on them. They are dangerously unsafe. Our city streets/sidewalks are beyond embarrassing.

The cobblestone streets are a joke and should either be redone or RIPPED up. Streets in Vinton are a mess and nothing has been done. There should be a plan in place that a "number" of streets get redone EVERY year and I DO NOT mean patch work. Not just a short portion of one like they did with east 3rd St. If we are a city of the future and see expansion into new areas; we must maintain and upgrade (and not patches!!) the old as well. Someone(s) needs to open their eyes or buy a pair of new glasses.

Tired of no change. Someone please bring this up to the council and don't let it lay dormant.

Betty Thorsvig

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