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I should have known I was wrong. I assumed that perhaps the website had been hacked but it wasn't.

A comment came in saying "He's so cute" and the headline read " welcomes a new son." I couldn't remember doing a story with that headline, so I naturally thought, "oh, oh."

I scanned the back end of the website, checked all of the pages. I tried to search for the story but couldn't find it. (read lousy internet *cough* iVinton will be here soon!)

Today I looked at the comment again and searched for the story differently and found it.

It was a baby announcement from 2010, welcoming a little boy named Axel. My comment was from an Axel, sure enough, it was the baby in the picture commenting on his birth announcement!

Yes folks, Vinton Today has been around so long that babies can now comment on their own birth announcements!

Axel is about 9 1/2 now, so I would guess he's one of the youngest readers of Vinton Today.

Now I feel old.

But it's the tidbits like this that make my day. Vinton Today will celebrate its 10th birthday in March, a few months before Axel. So happy early birthday little guy, hope you are also enjoying the news!

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