Dear Editor,

I have been wondering if any of the City Council members took the time to read the papers that we gave them?

I understand that they passed it off to The City Attorney. Passing the papers off is not what we asked for, and we explained that in the very beginning of the letter! As I stated before, It doesn't take a scholar to figure out that neither the City’s ordinance or The Iowa Code were followed in their entirety. They borrowed a bit from each to do what they wanted!

The Supreme court states that law, in order to not be deemed “vague”, must be written so that a person of “AVERAGE” intelligence must be able to comprehend what is expected of them to do and what the consequence of not doing it is! I would like to think our City Council members are at least of AVERAGE intelligence, ergo should be able to read and comprehend the papers we gave them to read. They need to realize their job is important, that decisions and actions made by them or the others that they have entrusted to act on their behalf affect people’s lives and their fundamental rights. They need to do more than show up and look PRETTY! Read the City's ordinances and when an Iowa law is referenced read it also. They would find in a few instances that the ordinance and Iowa law DON’T match up. (A topic for another time.) But ultimately the City Council is responsible for The City of Vinton.

Any form of Government should have some checks and balances. The charter gives the duties of the elected and appointed officials, yet some overstep and call them “implied” duties. I don’t believe there should be implied duties. And the excuse of “That is how we have done it for 25 years!”, doesn’t mean it is right. The fact that that was an answer makes me believe they have acquired bad habits and are resistant to change. Received bad Intel and have based their decisions on it.

I talked with another citizen of Vinton that wanted to form a citizen's council to oversee The Council, he couldn’t get enough interest. Most everybody leads a hectic life. The Council members are commended for their commitment to The City. We are asking that they check and question some procedures.

I have read The City Charter; I have talked to Council members from other cities, I have learned a lot. It has been frustrating for us when we know that procedures are not followed, that there have been some at arbitrary enforcement. We are asking for the Council to do the RIGHT THING now.


Tim & Jane Osborn

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