Dear Editor,

As I was driving home in the evening this past weekend, I noticed a Benton County Conservation pickup coming into town near the fire station, with it's red and blue lights flashing. People immediately moved out of its way so that it could pass through town quickly.

Out of curiosity I followed the truck to see what the emergency could be. I followed it through town and the traffic. As we approached the curve north of town and out of traffic, the lights were shut off.

I also thought that was but continued to follow.

The truck to the property located next to the nature center.

Can someone in the county advise if traffic is supposed to get over for these vehicles and maybe someone at the nature center tell us what the emergency was?


B. Johnson

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Comments (2)

I'd guess they were responding to a call and were disregarded because another officer arrived or the situation de-escalated which no longer resulted in an emergency response.
By: Tom Boeckmann on June 13th 4:41pm
Let's hope Tom is correct. I still would like to see an official response.
By: Steven Lucas on June 14th 12:06am

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