A rebuttal to a comment by Darrin Linsey.

Spin – A+ Narrative A+ - substance F-

How can you call Paul Manafort incarceration in Solitary Confinement a “fairy tale”?  You make it seem like it is a “walk in the Park”.  I hardly think Manafort thinks that way even if he has the amenities you spoke of.  How do you know this—didn’t think this was common knowledge?  Anyway, he has been sentenced to 71/2 years in Federal Prison.  There is no parole in the Federal system at age 70 he may die there.  If he is as bad as Andrew Weissman says so be it, but still, I think solitary is cruel and inhuman a violation of the 8th Amendment…..”Excessive bail shall not be imposed nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted”.  Solitary confinement before trial and after sentencing is not cruel and unusual?   From Wikipedia: --- “Rikers Island has a reputation for abuse and neglect of inmates, attracting increased media and judicial scrutiny that has resulted in numerous rulings against the New York City government. It is also notorious for numerous assaults by inmates on uniformed and civilian staff, resulting in often serious injuries. In May 2013, Rikers Island ranked as one of the ten worst correctional facilities in the United States, based on reporting in Mother Jones magazine.  Violence on Rikers Island has been increasing in recent years. In 2015 there were 9,424 assaults, the highest number in 5 years."


The above and the statement from my first post were based on the best information I had at the time.  This just in from Fox and Friends Judge Andrew Napolitano:  Paul Manafort was jailed in a Federal Facility in Pennsylvania and will be moved to a Federal Facility in New York pending trial in state court.  The comment about Rikers Island stands.  As an added note The Judge noted --- On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that a person can be charged and tried in state and federal court for the same crime.  This on the face of it appears to be a violation of the 5th Amendment…..” nor shall any person be subject to the same offense be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb….”  What New York legal is doing is on it face a violation of “Double Jeopardy”  and is not justice, but vengeance.  I have no doubt he will be found guilty and the sentence will be longer and will be served after the Federal one; which means effectively a death sentence.

Next item:  I did not say I read the Mueller report I said a careful reading did not sustain “collusion”.  I took the word of Senator Lindsey Graham that “obstruction of Justice” would not be prosecuted.  He as a Reserve Air Force Officer has served on the Air Force JAG Corps for many years and as a lawyer, I trusted his judgment.   As a matter of record, the reason for the Mueller investigation was Collusion, but as has happened they went to other avenues as well which to me looks like a witch hunt for anyone on  President Trump’s staff for even a short time.  Why go after Corsi or Papadopoulos or General Flynn?  They were indeed harassed to the point of coping a plea.  It is hard to stand up to a corrupt government inquiry which has unlimited funding.

Next item:  Concerning Impeachment by the House of Representatives.  Maxine Waters and other Democrats have spoken of Impeaching Present Trump from the very day of his election.  She and others have continued to bray on and on.  I would have expected that they would have done their own investigation and brought up the articles by now.  But, no- now they will do further investigation beyond the Mueller two year investigation with millions spent and no definitive conclusion.

Next item:  Iran --- Dropping out of the deal by President Trump was the correct thing to do.  President Obama with Sec State Kerry drew up the flawed deal to prevent nuclear expansion and prevent further development of long-range missiles with inspections to concur compliance.  Neither has happened.  If the two were so positive about the deal’s success why did they not present it to the Senate to confirm as a treaty?  Obviously, it would not pass, so it really wasn’t a deal at all.  Good grief the billions are given and seized property returned because to not do so would violate International law  --- Let these International lawyers enforce it if they can.  They have used that money to further harm and kill allied soldiers and finance Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups attacking Saudi Arabia, and Israel and others in the process.  It was one of the dumbest things President Obama has done during his Presidency.  I stand by what I have written. 

Next item:  President Carter.  With the taking of hostages from our Iranian Embassy the U.S. and Iran have been in a low-grade War since then.  There is no reason what so ever that the U.S. should ever be reasonable to that terrorist government.

Next item:  Benghazi:  Naval Air Base Sigonella, Italy (Sicily, Italy), on an island close to Libya.  I received many emails authored by retired senior military officers that were incensed that no rescue action was taken.   We had fast reaction teams made up of Special Forces that could have been deployed.  Also, there were assets located at Tripoli.  Also, these officers stated, knowing the region well, that there were American Fighter aircraft based further North in Italy.  As they described these aircraft could have been flown to Sigonella fast fueled and flew to Benghazi in a short time.  Flying at point nine Mach number is damn fast – I know I’ve done so.  Even if they had no weapons loaded a buzz job at supersonic speed would have done physical damage to the terrorist ears and scared the hell out of them.  There was plenty of time as this attack lasted some 13 hours.  The real problem was inaction in the White House and State Department.  President Obama did not give “cross border authority” to our assets there to attempt a rescue.  These Officers also stated that a fast group was alerted, but were ordered do doff their uniforms.  Good Grief – a real genius ordered that.  These uniforms are specially designed to carry all kinds of equipment these soldiers would need for armed combat.   Get the point – “Cross Border Authority” not given!!!  The four soldiers on the scene fought well and with great courage and distinction bringing great credit upon themselves and all Americans.

Next item:   Our Southern border.  Good grief.  If what you say President Obama did was so credible – why is our border still open.  It seems that each Democrat vying for the Presidential Nomination wants open borders.  Not good policy and really dumb in my opinion 

Next item:  Newt Gingrich – you say run out by his own party.  Does that make him wrong in his actions and assessments?  Not hardly!  In any event, he resigned the speakership and his seat.  Joe Biden is still a doofus and wrong on everything especially foreign policy.

One more item:  You say I am a science denier.  Hardly.  Science is never settled.  Innovation and new technologies advance science.  I believe the “new green deal” to be pure folly.   There is no question the U. S. is right to get out of the Paris Accords.  The United States has done well in efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions.  The advent of “fracking” bringing more and more Natural Gas online is a big part of the effort.  Looking at the big polluters they are the Socialist/Communist Countries of Russia and China.  The U. S. is doing a great job in comparison.  As a pilot and farmer, I have been an amateur weather observer for many years.  I know the most correct forecast or observation is what I see out of my windscreen.  Weather forecasters can predict reasonably well out to three days, but out to five days, the accuracy goes down appreciably.  All of the climate change models are computer generated, how can it be possible to predict weather decades out with any degree of accuracy?  I am suggesting our local weather is influenced by the location of the Jet Stream as it passes over the Midwest.  Our weather does change – no day is exactly like the day before no year is exactly like the year before.  We have had wet years (one that sticks in my memory is 1992 – rain, rain, rain and little sunlight.  It takes the sun to give the necessary heat units to grow our crops.  My corn yields were down 30 bushels per acre from years of averages.  We will see those events again as well as droughts like ’77, ’83 and others.

Just in:  The Department of State is investigating 30 Security Violations perhaps committed by 15 named people.  I will certainly be following this story.

Still Deplorable and irreconcilable -  Yours in standing up to the Looney Left.

John Stiegelmeyer




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Comments (5)

So John let me get this straight. You used to complain about people not using critical thinking skills. You just admitted that you did not bother to read the Mueller report to actually see what was in it but took the word of Sen. Graham who had nothing good to say about Trump before the election. In fact, said he was a nut and is not fit to be president but now kissing Trump behind as a stooge to him?
Great use of YOUR critical thinking skills!! Give it rest. We are tired of your pontifications as we are tired of the lies and incompetence of Trump.
By: Rosemary Schwartz on June 19th 5:12pm
I did not read the report as was stated, but I have been exposed to articles that gave a synopses of the report. As I stated Senator Graham assessment is good enough for me. Senator Graham was indeed a Trump doubter. That situation has changed he has seen the success of many of POTUS policies and says as much. He will criticize as necessary. The vulgarity of he supposedly kissing Trump's behind is inappropriate. What I have written Stands. If you have a problem with my rhetoric have the guts to say so to my face. I have no agenda other than the survival of this Republic, liberty, free enterprise, and adherence to a piece of paper written over two hundred years ago. Politically I am a Classic Liberal (look it up) What specifically are the lies and incompetence you refer to. I would really like to see a list. CNN and the other major networks are no more than political hacks. There are no journalists at the majors anymore.
Regards to all,
By: John Stiegelmeyer on June 20th 4:47pm
You have got to be kidding, Trump opens mouth, Trump lies--over 10,000 lies here are several websites-just google Trump lies and you will get plenty.





By: Rosemary Schwartz on June 21st 3:52pm
Trump made 3 false statements today in one interview
By: Rosemary Schwartz on June 21st 7:59pm
"A carefully reading of the Mueller Report" Those were your words in your original letter. Turns out it was just a whimsical interpretation of what any other person, that didn't read the report, said about the report. You stopped short of admitting that Trump is a criminal, so I assume you still haven't attempted to read any of it.

You complained that Manafort was going to be put in a cushy solitary confinement, at Rikers. Then you went on to quote Wikipedia on about 12 different situations of how horrible it is in general population at Rikers. Now, I know it's a moot point now, but it seems you expect him to have his cake and to eat it too. You also brought up his 7 1/2 sentence, and how that could be a death sentence for him. He was found guilty of 9 federal felonies. He did the crime. Now he's going to do the time. He'll even do more than that, after the trial in New York.

By the way, that trial in New York can happen because the federal government and the states are two separate sovereigns. With two separate law structures. The 5th Amendment protects a person that has been found not guilt, by a jury, from being retired after new evidence is found, for example.

As a matter of better record than yours, COLLUSION is NOT a crime. You will find that word nowhere in the guidelines/scope of Mueller's investigation, nor in the final report. He was tasked with investigating the Russian interference into our 2016 election, and any connection the Trump campaign might have had with that investigation. He also had the right to investigate any crimes discovered while conducting the investigation. Collusion is not a crime! Conspiracy against the United States is the crime that was investigated against the Trump campaign.

You have the gall to complain about the cost of the continuation of an investigation that has already found at least 10 crimes. That, after there were 11 investigations into Hillary Clinton, with nothing ever found, and you still want to investigate more.

There was never a war declared between Carter and the original Ayatollah. What are you talking about? Our military accidentally shot down an Iranian passenger airliner, during Reagan's first term. Reagan called then and explained/apologized, and everything was okay. That type of thing doesn't happen in a war type situation.

All of your talk about Benghazi is fine and dandy. The fact is; The Republican Committee found that the cause was a miscommunication between President Obama, the office of The Joint Chiefs of Staff, and The Secretary of Defense. Everything you said could be 100% correct. The fact is, it doesn't and didn't matter what was where at the time. Whatever needed to happen, didn't. I can't help but think of all the heartbreak you must've went through after the nine embassies were attacked while George W. Bush was president.

You say that science is never settled.
Seems to me that gravity holds pretty true. Molecular Geometry is a pretty steady science. Geothermal Nuclear War is quite definate.

Do you know the difference between climate and weather? Have you noticed how our climate, here in Iowa, has changed so drastically, in the last 20 years? Our "Winter" weather doesn't start until mid January now. It always started in November when I was growing up. Our "Spring" weather starts quite late now too. When I was growing up, Spring Break from school always mean't nice weather. That doesn't happen until May now.

You mentioned that 1992 sticks out to you as a very wet year. That's curious, because until 2008,1993 had been the wettest year on record, since 1959.

Now, don't go and put a bunch more lies on another one of these things. Because I just can't justify wasting any more time trying to educate someone that doesn't want to learn anything.
By: Darrin Lindsey on June 21st 10:27pm

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