Dear Editor, and the Iowa Delegation of the House of Reps.

Something strange is happening in the DOJ the FBI and CIA; Paul Manafort
being moved to Rikers Island and placed in solitary confinement? The
worst of the worst are there – he doesn’t deserve that -- Jerome Corsi
harassed by Mueller’s team until he is trapped
into perjury? George Papadopoulos arrested by the FBI in a New York
Airport placed in handcuffs and leg irons. And then his bags were
thoroughly searched with nothing found – with the agents disgusted that
they did not find what they were looking for? In
his book he asked why he was detained and what he was charged with
their answer – that’s what you get for working for Trump – a second time
– that’s what you get for working with Russians. There is something
fishy going on here, no evidence that either person
did any of the alleged crimes---they were tricked into making false
statements. From all appearances the Mueller team has displayed
unprofessional conduct at the very least. From news sources all of the
lawyers and likely most of the investigators were
Hillary supporters. On the surface this is a prejudicial team. A
careful reading of the Mueller report reveals a bias for the political
side as it stated no evidence of Collusion with the Russians (my
understanding that is not a crime in the first place)
but to me the topper was they could not prove obstruction of justice.
They left it hanging out there so that others could attempt to make the
case – well there is suspicion – so there must be a indictable crime
somewhere. Even though Mueller spent two years
and millions Congress can do a better job of investigation? – can’t be
serious; the continuation of a Witch Hunt? I keep hearing certain
Democrats say that no one is above the law – well that should apply to
law enforcement as well. I think the various committees
and AG Barr need to investigate the investigators.

Something else is fishy – John Kerry meeting with Iranian officials.
What would his purpose be? Not the only time he has meddled in foreign
affairs. When the North Viennese were meeting in France with the U.S.
trying to end the shooting war he came there
dressed in his U.S. Navy uniform and met with someone with that
delegation ; a direct violation of the UCMJ. In fact it was so
egregious he was given a “less than honorable discharge” from the Naval
Reserve; this according to Jerome Corsi’s Book
Silent No More and his book Unfit for Command. I am
assuming this is true and if it is how on Earth could he legitimately
run for President and how on Earth could he have gotten a security
clearance to be Secretary of State??? Something is not
right here! The same thought goes to Hillary. It is obvious to this
observer that the Clinton Foundation was “Pay for Play”. Why would any
of the Countries that gave money not donate directly to the people they
supposedly wished to help instead of having
the money diluted by administrative costs???? And why on Earth would
anyone repeatedly pay 6 figures to hear Bill Speak. I would not go
across the street!! Also the question as to why she chose to not use a
government server which would be more secure then
the private one she chose? Security violations up the ying yang.

“No scandals in the Obama Administration”. What! -- Fast and Furious
-- Lois Lerner IRS harassment of Conservative Groups – Susan Rice,
Hillary and Obama lying about Benghazi caused by a Video – no one ever
saw. There was time and assets nearby to attempt
a rescue, but they did not try. The topper – the Affordable Care Act
that was not affordable to many thousands and not as good a coverage as
they had from their employer or private insurer; MIT guy Jonathon Gruber
admitted lying to the public to get the


Damn thing passed. The Iran nuc. deal that was lousy from the
beginning. Why on Earth give the Iranians billions of dollars that had
been seized? Keep the money as Reparations for the deaths of Allied
Troops killed by Iranian munitions in Iraq and Afghanistan!!!??

The Paris Accords that really screw our working class: did nothing to
cause Russia, China and India to substantially lower emissions. The
Trans Pacific Partnership, that again screwed our working people.

NATO not paying agreed amounts for their own defense. China robbing us
of our intellectual properties, our defense secrets, hacking our DOD and
private companies. Oh, and Russia hacking Hillary’s and the DNC emails
and disrupting our electoral process. What
did Obama do about it? Have I mentioned the illegal crossing of our
Southern Border that Obama and Congress did nothing to fix. What the
hell more could he and the Democrats have done to further jeopardize our
security and the working middle class??? I
am thoroughly disgusted with the resistance of the Congressional
Democrats and some damn Republicans. President Trump is a disrupter; he
was going to take on the elite politicians and their donors – calling
them out for what they are, if not criminal at the
very least unethical! He has done so and now they feel the heat so
they react in typical fashion – misdirection and downright falsehoods.
Critics on the left have nothing else. If there had been proof,
Impeachment would have already happened. Give it a
rest and start doing the people’s business as you were elected to do!!

Just this weekend the President’s threat of tariffs brought Mexico to
the negotiating table. Now we have a deal for Mexico to help us
restrict illegals and more importantly -- criminals from crossing our
Southern border. Something other Presidents have tried
for at least 30 years, but failed to accomplish. How is he
congratulated? Continued harassment and threats of Impeachment, every
politician and federal official involved should be ashamed!!! And if
you are a part of this “witch hunt” you should be defeated
next election. The President does the unexpected and accomplishes the
goal. He has certainly exceeded my expectation and deserves credit for
doing so.

I have laid out the case for Donald Trump to be reelected in a
landslide. I pray this will be so for there is nothing the Democrats
have laid out that I can support. Efforts at resistance are meant to
not only damage a President that is disliked, but also
to destroy the future of our Republic. Stop it and start working for
the People acting in support of the Oath of Office you took.

The two leaders: Joe Biden, as Robert Gates has said – has been wrong
on Foreign Policy for 40 years. Gingrich says he is a doofus and has
never been right. Bernie Sanders says he is a Democrat Socialist – no
such thing. No socialist regime has ever benefited
the working middle class. This is just Communism by another name.
Good Grief is this the best the Democrats can do??? All the rest have
nothing that financially helps the working class or our Nation as a

Deplorably yours,

John R. Stiegelmeyer


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Comments (3)

Mr. Steiglemeyer, you have an ill conception of the truth.

Starting at the beginning of your fairy tale. Yes, Paul Mannford has been temporarily placed in Rikers. He has also been placed in solitary confinement, just as he has been during his whole stay in confinement, while waiting to be sentenced. Although, he hasn't been confined to a 5'x6' room, like is commonly related to solitary confinement. He has access to the internet 24/7 with his personal laptop, in a room with a desk and chair.

As far as your comments about Jerome Corsi being "trapped" into perjury. This is a man who has confessed to stirring up multiple conspiracy theories. Also stating on prime time tv that one of his books was built on a bundle of lies. Let me define conspiracy theory for you. It is the making up of a criminal story based on absolutely no facts.

You mentioned that you "carefully" read the Mueller Report. That might be true. But, based on your comments about it, you didn't understand what you read. Firstly, you said something about collusion not being established. Then, in parenthesis, you commented that you didn't think that was a crime anyway. Well, you were right once there. Collusion in itself is not a crime. But, NOWHERE in the Mueller Report will you see the word "collusion" used as part of the investigation that took place. So, it doesn't matter one bit if it's an actual crime or not. Because Mueller wasn't ever dealing with it.

Secondly, you said "they couldn't prove obstruction". Well, you couldn't be more wrong in that statement. Mueller did prove ten (10) counts of obstruction in the report he turned into AG Barr. What he said concerning those ten counts was that since the DOJ policy says that the president cannot be indicted on any charge, that it wouldn't be fair to the president to say he had committed any crimes, because the president wouldn't have any legal resource to defend himself of those charges. But, he did say that if he could rule out that the president DIDN'T commit obstruction that he would do that in the report. But, he said that the evidence didn't allow him to do that.

As far as what The House of Representatives is doing right now. You made the comment that if the president could be impeached, he would've be so already. Now sir, I know you remember Watergate. That was tied up in Congress for almost 2 years. Sure, a lot of the work has been done for Congress already. But there are still many loose ends that need to be tied up, before such a huge decision can be made. In Mueller's final speech, he told Congress that everything they needed to do their job, was in his report.

Now, about Iran. By dropping out of the deal, it gives Iran more incentive to drop out of it themselves. Right now, there are a few European countries and the U.N. holding them accountable. But, they can now drop out at any time, without the pressure of the U.S. to keep them from pursuing nuclear weapons.

Now, the monies that were given to Iran. First was a transfer of $400 million. This was the money that Jimmy Carter had frozen in 1979. I know you remember that story. We WERE REQUIRED, by international law, to also return all of the interest that money generated over the 35 years that it was frozen.

Now, the other money. When Carter froze that bank account in 1979, he also seized a huge amount of properties that Iran owned, across our country. Iran had a standing lawsuit in International Court, for $10 billion, for all the back rent, that they lost from those properties. The Obama administration settled for $3.9 billion, and both Iran and The Hague accepted that. That is why there were two separate payments made to Iran, to conclude the "deal".

You said that you wouldn't walk across the road to hear President Clinton speak. Well, that's what is so great about the Constitution that we live under. It gives you the right to have that opinion. But, what's sad is the fact that you claim it's a criminal offence for someone else to go listen to him speak. That there is the work of Nazism. Our country fought to rid the world of people with those kinds of thoughts. I would think you would remember that well.

You made the argument about the security of Hillary Clinton's server. I can't argue against that. But, did you also make that same argument about Colin Powell and Condelessa Rice doing the same type of thing? Or, that Jared Kushner has so many conflicts that it was recommended that he not be granted a security clearance. But, that his father-in-law over rode that?

You spoke about the Benghazi ordeal. It was a sad one at that. The last (all Republican) congressional investigation into what happened, found that the cause was a miscommunication between President Obama, The Office of The Joint Chief of Staff and The Secretary of Defence. They ruled out that Hillary Clinton had anything to do with it. But, I wonder if you cared as much about the 9 U.S. Embassy's that were attacked during the Bush 43 years.

You are obviously a science denier Mr. Steiglemeyer. The exit of the U.S. of the Paris Accord, is a huge blemish on our reputation. The only other country, on the face of this planet, that isn't a part of that agreement, is Syria. You mentioned that the agreement doesn't put any pressure on China to limit emissions. But, China was already doing better than our country on that battle field, before our exit.

Now to our Southern border. You had the gall to state that the Obama administration didn't do anything to address the illegal border crossings. In fact, the illegal border crossings went down EVERY YEAR of his presidency, ending with the lowest numbers in 50 years. In just two years, this current administration has allowed those numbers to balloon out of site. They fight to not allow more efficient detection of drugs and human traffickers being transported over the border, at the ports. Currently only 10 out of 100 vehicles can be checked. They have disallowed the technology to be able to check every vehicle. This will cost less that 1% of the cost of a wall.

Lastly, you quote Newt Gingrich on the status of the 2020 candidates. This man was run out of Washington D.C. by your own party.

So, I think it's very evident that you need to look at the WHOLE picture, before speaking ill of those that you don't like. And you definitely need to work hard on your comprehensive skills, when it comes to reading legal documents.
By: Darrin Lindsey on June 12th 6:58pm
Thank you Darrin for spending a lot of time refuting John’s letter. More people need to step up and challenge the propaganda that the right likes to throw around as fact.

What I have found most ironic the last 24 hours is Trump’s announcement that he knows more about what is legal than his hand-picked FBI director and the admission if given the chance to accept dirt on his eventual opponent from a hostile foreign power he would accept the help and probably not notify the FBI of the interference.
Not only does this statement show that he has no regard for the law or ethics, he also is asking for outside help because he must think that he cannot win the election fair and square on his own without the interference of Russia as in 2016.
The Trump apologist and sycophants will contort themselves in all directions trying to make the public believe that he did not mean what he said or that we did not hear it with our own ears. I have never seen a segment of our society so willing to accept lying, tearing down of our government’s norms that has lasted over 250 years, the name-calling, the corruption and abhorrent behavior of this president and his administration.
It is also interesting that his supporters have so much to say about what has happened in past administrations but stay silent as this president does far worse. In the future, the generations looking at back at this time in history will no doubt we wonder how our society stood worshiping at the altar of Trump while our country deteriorates.
By: Rosemary Schwartz on June 13th 4:20pm
Mr. Stiegelmeyer is correct. There was scandal after scandal in the Obama administration. The Democratic Party now consists mostly of socialists and misinformed individuals and groups who choose to view the world through a vision other than reality. As I watch the Democratic contenders for the upcoming presidential elections, it becomes clear they have no agenda for this country except resistance to anyone who has a different opinion. They offer zero solutions to anything! All you hear is "Impeach." Yet they refuse to understand constitutional law or any resemblance of reality. It is so bad and they are so blinded by hatred that they choose to ignore "real" crimes committed by Hilary Clinton. Why is there a double standard? I would like to remind the misinformed that there have been service members who have served time for a fraction of what Mrs. Clinton did. How can anyone with an ounce of common sense keep a straight face and refuse to admit there were serious character flaws and self-serving interests with Mrs. Clinton. The Clintons are commonly known to be some of the most corrupt examples in American history.
As for Joe Biden. I met him once in 2005 at The National Sheriff's Convention in 2005. Instantly I realized he is the type of person who would say anything and promise anything to anyone just to get elected. No human could possibly keep all the promises he was making. The typical type of politician that has been representing the Democratic Party for years along with some Republicans. This is what hurts this country economically and also on foreign policy. It does not require a great deal of thoughtful deliberation to figure all this out either. It only requires a person with minimal intelligence to realize who is right for this country and who is very wrong.
I for one do not care about what country or foreign leader gets "offended" when Trump calls them out. What I do care about is when our President apologizes to the world for America being America and Americans being Americans. Obama did that. I make no apologies to anyone for my American citizenship and I do not expect my President to apologize either. If anyone is offended by my comments, remember this, It only hurts if it is true!
By: Gerald Bates on June 14th 1:14pm

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