Dear Senator Schumer:

Cc: Leader Pelosi, Senator Grassley, Senator Earnst, President Trump
You describe Pres Trump’s insistence on border security as a “temper tantrum”. I suggest the “temper tantrum” is coming from the Liberal/Communist left in your party and from yourself!
I have seen figures as high as $125 billion required to care for illegals in education, medical and welfare, or in other words $30,000 for each individual --- These are taxpayer dollars. I am not in favor of continuing these payments!! We can hardly care for our own let alone the invasion of illegals on our border.
I have written before about our Iowa girl, Mollie Tibbetts, who was brutally murdered by an illegal working as a farm hand. If there were E-verify that individual would have been deported long before he committed that evil act against one of our own. Open borders, sanctuary cities, chain migration, are not winning me over to the liberal/communist side.
There is no question that crime is coming over our Southern border. That cannot be denied --- evil is coming across that line. Our brave border patrol, ICE agents, FBI, and others are doing a herculean job in corralling the evil at tremendous risk to themselves because in part detainers are being ignored by sanctuary city law enforcement. This has got to stop.
Fund security for our borders, I don’t care whether it is a wall or a combination of fences or technology – FUND IT! Come up with your own plan – that’s okay, but do something!! The working men and women in the heartland demand it. We reject the liberalism/communism of either Coast or D C. We are the ones who sacrifice much to make this Country work. We are the ones who pay the price for your inaction to protect our person and property.
Fund the damn wall and be done with it. Special to President Trump “STAY THE COURSE”. The parts of government that need to run will still run, and the parts that waste our tax dollars shut down.

John Steigelmeyer

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