Editor: Written to REP Gutierrez of Illinois You can read to whole deal @ Representative Gutierrez: I have read your 6 minute dressing down of Sec Kirstjen Nielsen – that was most unfair. Immigration law was passed by Congress some time ago, but it has not been adhered to until recently. Each of these illegals, I have read, cost the American taxpayer $30,000 per year. This is big money when the numbers are known; this outlay includes education, medical, and welfare. We can hardly take care of our own let alone these massive numbers --- and they keep coming because we have failed to secure our border!!! One of our Iowa girls, Molly Tibbets was brutally murdered by an illegal farm worker. Good grief, Sir, if that person had been deported Molly would still be alive and continuing her education at the University of Iowa. When I think of all the moms, dads, sisters, and brothers who have lost family members to illegal aliens I wonder how you can put on a so called Christian cape and criticize those Border Police, ISIS and others who risk their very being to protect the rest of us, who realize that a secure border means a secure America. You are on the wrong side of this. We need a secure border if this means building a wall in certain sections then so be it. It will save taxpayer money in the long run. We cannot police this Latin American countries to do right by their citizens – their governments are too corrupt and the drug cartels too strong. They will have to fight their own battles. Why are the military age males running away??? Are they too cowardly to stand and fight for their rights and freedom? I cannot say I am sorry to see you leave Congress. Your hatred has blinded your judgement. And it is my view that the donors to the various campaigns have too much influence over the collective legislative judgement. The various factions that favor illegal immigration benefit financially. This affects our own lower educated and lower skilled work force including Black Americans and other minorities; if you wish to be their champion than you must favor a secure border and a reformation of our immigration law. Americans first!! Sincerely yours,

John Steiglemeyer

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