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I like life to be boring.



Occasionally a bit of excitement is alright if it's a good kind of excitement.

I like there to be a routine.

However, a few years ago all of that flew right out the window and hasn't been seen since.

It involved traveling halfway across the country multiple times to take care of a sweet aunt that ironically helped us to get the equipment so that we could still work and travel halfway across the country to take care of sweet aunts.

That was a brief, and fun, sad, weird time.

But it wasn't “normal.”

Now that I'm home I find it odd that I miss San Antonio and the group of Air Force nurses that took us under their wing and so graciously lent their support the whole time that we were there.

These gals felt like a fleet of mothers when I was feeling real motherless.

I still find it odd that I even considered hopping in the car to drive halfway across the country just to see them again.

But my return to normal is still not set.

The new year is here. A time for reflecting on the old and wishing upon the new.

Wishing it to be better than the last year.

Sometimes you have a year that you think can't possibly be topped, but somehow the next year is worse.

But always, you'll be able to look back on that terrible, awful, no good year, and say, 'If that wouldn't have happened, I'd still be there and not better off where I am today.”

Yep, at least that's what I'm hoping for you this brand spanking 2019.

Take it and run.

My answer to the question of “How are you?” has been, “I've been better, but I've been worse.”

I remember there were years that I nearly died bring babies into the world, but I didn't. THOSE were tough years. We were thrilled, but I was concentrating on taking the next breath.

There were years that we lost loved ones. Those years were bad.

There were years that jobs changed, housing changed, kids became teenagers, those years were rough.

But in all of those things, it made us the people that we are.

If you take your past and apply it properly, it will turn you into a better person.

If you take your past and use it as an excuse to be less than the best you that you can be, you're missing the point of life.

Life isn't one big party. You won't be happy all of the time (so deal with it).

But if you've done life right, you will have gobs and gobs of people n the sidelines cheering you on when someone trips you as you run the race.

If you find that you're alone and in a funk, being the one that's tripping people on their race through life, you're the problem and not everyone else.

So kids, be the ones running.

Be the cheerleaders in life.

Be happy where you are.

Be content.

But most of all, make everyone around you happy that you were part of their life.

Be the best you that there has ever been.

And please, please try really hard not to trip anyone up.

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