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Letter to the Editor: "Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs"

Editor:I received this article years ago, but it is more relevant now than when I received it shortly after 9/11.  Evil seems to be more prevalent now than decades ago; I have no answer why.  But with the latest shooting in Texas and now Two in Ames, Iowa, I must re-submit the following. as an adder - to those who carry arms. I submit the following prayer: Heavenly Father I do not wish to draw my weapon in my defense or others, but if I do may my aim be true - Amen  We need men/women of courage to defeat evil!  Blessings,John StiegelmeyerThus: "ON SHEEP, WOLVES AND SHEEPDOGS"UNCLASSIFIEDON SHEEP, WOLVES AND SHEEPDOGS By LTC(RET) Dave Grossman, RANGER, Ph.

Letter to the Editor: Roe VS. Wade overturned?

Dear Editor: It is indeed ironic that tears are shed and hearts are broken when elementary children are shot dead along with two teachers, but riots and protests occur when the SCOTUS may overturn a 1973 decision on abortion.  Why?  Is not one life “born” and another “unborn”  more sacred than the other?  The “unborn” and the “born” both need our protection from harm.
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Letter to Editor: I'm exhausted by the call to "Do Something"

Dear Editor, Three primary things have filtered out since Columbine to this week:1: Secure the building! This is everyone's responsibility at the school . . . and the door was left propped open and did not have the ability to lock. Nothing that DC will do can affect the negligence of the staff - period. 2: After Columbine, the nationwide policy of police departments was that in an active shooter event, the first officer on the scene makes entry - period.

Letter to the Editor: In support of Colman Silbernagel

We are supporting Colman Silbernagel for Iowa State Senate District 42. Colman and his wife grew up on dairy farms and he understands Agriculture. Colman served in the Afghanistan war and was awarded the Bronze Star. Colman served as the Benton County Republican County Chair and is familiar with all the issues facing voters in Iowa. Colman is an active and effective leader in his community and church.

Letter to the Editor: Transparency

To the editor, This is about transparency, which up-to-date public boards believe they believe in and many believe they are trying to achieve.The current Center Point-Urbana School Board is not achieving. I’ve been going to recent CPU Board meetings to support not cutting second grade down a section. This age group was among the kids whose learning was most disrupted by covid.
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School Safety from External Threats

By Kyle KoeppenIt is hard not to run terrifying scenarios in your head after hearing/seeing the horrific event which unfolded at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. An 18-year-old gunman shot and killed 19 children and two adults at an elementary school. According to the publishing company Education Week, this was the twenty-seventh school shooting this year in our country.

Letter to the Editor: Living in the present, remembering the past Part V

Dear Editor:I am not sure why these memories keep coming up, perhaps it is because Memorial Day is approaching or maybe I am getting closer to the six foot hole at the end.  We owe a debt to those who have raised their right arm and taken the oath of enlistment or officer’s oath of commission.   Anyway this incident occurred North of 50 years ago at Webb Air Force Base, Big Spring, Texas.

Letter to the Editor: In defense of Diversity

Dear Editor:I am writing in response to the recent backlash that letters written to our library board from concerned citizens, Brooke Kruckenberg and Deb Hesson, have received.As a racial minority raising a multi-racial family in a community where racial minorities make up less than 5% of the population, I know firsthand the desire for diversity, inclusion, and representation.
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Letter to the Editor: Correction to DOD report to Congress

Dear Editor:Reference :   Opinion : Letter to the Editor: DOD IG report to Congress those who do not follow all the threads to opinion pieces.  I offer the following.  Please read this article.

Letter to the Editor: Displays, Transparency and Library considers Litigation 2

To the editor: I am writing in response to the May 17, 2022 article titled Displays, Transparency and Library considers Litigation for Future Remarks. I have serious concerns with the inaccuracies portrayed about the library operations, library staff, and board, but also about the library collection itself. Having a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies, extensive experience as a public librarian for over 22 years, and now as a law librarian for the last three years, I feel compelled to step in and clear up some misconceptions that have been circulating about our public library and to offer my own insight into a conversation that seems to spin more and more out of control.
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