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At the Jesup Girls' Track Meet, the Vinton-Shellsburg Girls competed in several competitions. With the Vinton-Shellsburg Girls' Track Team in the Class A Division, the girls brought home a 3rd Place win behind Dike-New Hartford and Denver.

In 1st place, Dike-New Hartford scored 150.50 while Denver came in 2nd with 93.00. Vinton-Shellsburg girls' team came home with a score of 89.00.

A breakdown of the points are below:

3rd PlaceVinton-Shellsburg89
Leah Hendrickson18.00Peytin Clemensen10.50Abby Bartz10.00Brylee Bruce8.25Geordyn Webster8.00Rachel Bane6.00Sophia Kreutner6.00Kate Timmerman4.00Gracie Drury4.00Lydia Radeke3.00Molly Haisman1.75Karli Hanson1.50Justyce Dominick1.50Faith Thompson1.50Keira Ott1.50Sydney Walton1.25Cameryn Stephens1.00Tnyia Wilson0.50Ann Cornell0.50Annabelle Newton0.25

3rd Place 100M Dash Heat 2, Leah Hendrickson 13.77 6.00 and Geordyn Webster with 14.30

3rd Place 200M Dash Finals Heat 2, Leah Hendrickson 28.17 6.00, 7th Place, Brylee Bruce 29.45

400M Dash Finals Heat 1, 8th Place Annabelle Newton 1:12.58

800M Run Finals, 8th Cameryn Stephens, 2:55.57

100M Hurdles Finals Heat 2, 4thLeah Hendrickson 18.29 4.00, 9th Keira Ott 20.46

1500M Run Finals, 5th Lydia Radeke 6:20.08 2.00

Discus Finals, 2nd Brylee Bruce 99-06 8.00, 3rd Geordyn Webster 91-09 6.00

Long Jump Finals, Placing 3rd Peytin Clemensen, 14-01.50 6.00, 4th Rachel Bane 13-9.00 4.00

Shot Put Finals, 1st place Abby Bartz 37.06.50 10.00, 3rd Sophia Kreutner 33.00.00 6.00

4X100M Relay Finals, 2nd Place Vinton-Shellsburg 1:55.93 8.00 Runners

4X400M Relay Finals, 6th Place Vinton-Shellsburg 4:57.21 1.00 Runners

4X800M Relay Finals, 4th Place Vinton-Shellsburg 12:16.05 4.00 Runers

400M Shuttle Relay Finals Heat 1, 3rd Place Vinton-Shellsburg 1:25.93 6.00 Runner

800 Sprint Medley Relay Finals 5th Place Vinton-Shellsburg 2:09.17 2.00 Runners

1600 Distance Medley Relay Finals, 5th Place Vinton-Shellsburg 5:17.03 2.00 Runners

The Junior Varsity Girls' team placed 2nd behind 1st Place winners, Dike-New Hartford. Dike-New Hartford scored 25.00, while Vinton-Shellsburg scored 22.00.

Point Breakdown:

Paige Bearbower4.50Justyce Dominick4.50Ann Cornell3.50Alesha Brunssen3.00Tnyia Wilson2.50Annabelle Newton2.00Rachel Bane1.00Kyla Jeffery1.00

In the 4X100M Relay - Finals - Heat 2, Vinton-Shellsburg placed 4th at 1:00.96 - 4:00 Runners

Vinton-Shellsburg placed 1st Place in the 4X200M - Finals - Heat 2, Vinton-Shellsburg scored 2:03.77 - 10:00 Runners.

The 800 Sprint Medley Relay Finals Heat 2, gave Vinton-Shellsburg a 2nd Place with a score of 2:12.42 8.00 Runners trailing behind Dike-New Hartford.


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