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Girls 7th and 8th Grade Track Teams Place 1st

Both the 7th and 8th grade girls placed 1st at the track meet on Tuesday night at the opening meet at West Delaware.

7th Grade
Kenna Kurth placed 1st in the Girls 400 Meter Dash, Girls 200 Meter Hurdle and 2nd in the Girls 200 Meter Dash.

Bree Swenson placed 1st in the Girls 1500 Meter Run. Ashlyn Murray and Rachel Rollinger placed 7th and 8th respectively.

The girls brought home 1st Place in the Distance Medley with the team of Ashlyn Murray, Tess Erickson Maggie Elwick and Peytin Clemensen.

In the 100 Meter Dash Carmen Henkle placed 2nd, while Hailey Jones came in 3rd place.

In the 200 Meter Dash, Bona Tafa came in 4th.

The 400 Meter Dash also had Lizzie Brummer in 5th Place.

In the Girls 800 Meter Run Emma Gillen placed 2nd and Maggie Elwick came in 3rd, and Chelsey Hobbs 14th.

The Girls 100 Meter Hurdles brought Bona Tafa 3rd place and Peytin Clemensen 8th.

The Girls 200 Meter Hurdles also brought a 3rd place win to Carmen Henkle.

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Team brought the V-S 5th . The team was made up of Elise Smith, June McElwee, Paige Kelley and Aspen Millard.

The 7th Grade Girls brought home 4th in the 4x100 .25 Meter Relay. The team included Rachel Rollinger, Sarah Phelps, Olivia Tippie and Samantha Lundvall.

The Girls brought home 3rd in the 4x200 Meter Relay. Peytin Clemensen, Bella Diveley, Kalie Kerkman and Hailey Jones made up the team.

The Girls 4x200 .5 Meter Relay team of Tory Elwick, Vctoria Humiston, Aubrey Hantz and Aspen Millard brought home 3rd place.

Placing 2nd in the Girls 4x400 Meter Relay were Lizzie Brummer, Sydney Walton, Kalie Kerkman and Maggie Elwick.

Also placing 2nd in the Girls 4x800 Meter Relay were Peytin Clemensen, Tess Erickson, Sydney Walton and Aspen Millard.

The girls hung onto the 2nd place in the 800 Sprint Medley with Anabelle Hernandez, Hailey Jones, Tess Erickson and Lizzie Brummer.

The Girls 801 Spring Medley brought a 5th place win to Julia Johnson, Victoria Humiston, Paige Kelley and Tory Elwick.

In the 4x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle a 3rd place win came home with Bree Swenson, Emma Gillen, Julia Johnson and Bona Tafa.

In the High Jump Bella Diveley brought 3rd place, Bree Swenson 4th and Peytin Clemensen 11th.

In the Long Jump, the girls brought home 5th and 7th and 17th places with Ashlyn Murray, Emma Gillen and Sarah Phelps.

Shot Put gave V-S 12th, 13th and 14th with Anabelle Hernandez, Sydney Walton and Samantha Lundvall.

The Discus Throw gave Sydney Walton 5th, Aubry Hantz 7th with Olivia Tippie in 16th.

The Combined Team Score put Vinton Shellburg 7th Grae Girls in their 18 events at the top of the board with a total of 136.75.

8th Grade

Not to be outdone, the 8th Grade girls also brought home a 1st place win in their total scores with a total of 128.

Girls 100 Meter Dash gave Jade Coots 2nd place and Annabelle Newton 4th.

Girls 200 Meter Dash put Jade Coots in 1st and Annabelle Newton in 3rd.

The Girls 400 Meter Dash put Kate Timmerman in 5th and Carly Schlarbaum in 7th.

The 800 Meter Run had Ashlie Meyer in 3rd, Lacie Hobbs in 11th and Rebekah Lindauer in 16th.

The Girls 1500 Meter Run brought Molly Haisman 3rd, Laci Hobbs 6th and Lizzy Noe 11th.

The 100 Meter Hurdles had Abby David in 4th and Natalie Wade in 7th.

The 200 Meter Hurdles had Justyce Dominick and Abby Davis in 6th and 7th.

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay team brought 1st place with Ali Streeter, Kaelynn Pettyjohn, Kate Timmermann and Annabelle Newton.

The Girls 4x100 Meter Relay put Baylee Wheeler, Brynn Staab, Maya Lapan Islas and Darby Glynn in 6th.

The girls 4x200 Meter Relay Team came in first place and was made up of Jade Coots, Ann Cornell, Gracie Drury and Brylee Bruce.

The 4x200.5 Meter Relay gave Vinton Shellburg a 5th place win with Baylee Wheeler, Brynn Staab, Maya Lapan Islas and Isabell White.

In the 4x4000 Relay the team of Justyce Dominick, Gracie Drury, Alyssa Griffith and Ashlie Meyer brought home 5th place.

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay gave Vinton 4th place with Molly Haisman, Lizzy Noe, Lacie Hobbs and Ashlie Meyer.

The Girls 800 Sprint Medley put Vinton Shellsburg in 3rd place with Ali Streeter, Ann Cornell, Kate Timmerman and Alyssa Griffith.

In 3rd place the girls ran the Girls 801 Sprint Medley: Sophia Kreutner, Darby Glynn, Isabelle White, Katherine Weets.

In the Distance Medley, Vinton Shellsburg girls placed 4th place with Ali Streeter, Kaelynn Pettyjohn, Maya Lapan Islas and Katherine Weets.

3rd place in the 4x100 Metter Shuttle Hurdle went to Justyce Dominick, Natalie Wade, Molly Haisman and Abby Davis.

Alyssa Griffith came in 1st place in the High Jump and Annabelle Newton 12th.

The Long Jump brought Ashlie Meyer 3rd, Alyssa Griffith 10th and Gracie Drury 15th.

Sophia Kreutner brought 1st place in the Girls Shot Put and 6th place to Brylee Bruce.

Brylee Bruce brought home 2nd in the Discus Throw, Sophia Kreutner came in 4th and Kaelynn Pettyjohn 13th.

For complete results click below:

7th Grade Girls Track Results

8th Grade Girls Track Results

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