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Dear Editor,

I attended the Veterans Day Program last Friday put on by the V-S School District with my father, a 94 year-old veteran. I, and he, were really blessed!All of the students were were well behaved and the teachers were in command of their "platoon." The many patriotic songs were so good to hear. We heard "God Bless America" and "God Bless The USA" in a public school and that means so much to many of us !!! Thank you Ms Martin and Mr Tabaka, vocal music instructors !I can't help but believe that this performance by the students will have an impact upon them. I went to a Lutheran parochial school and still remember the songs we learned and sang often. They stick with you. Those songs gave me a good foundation for my life and I am ever grateful and cherish that foundation to this day.Again, I so appreciate the staff and school administration for the great program and the effort given to it. Thank you to every student for your participation. It goes without saying, "Thanks dad, and to every veteran, for your service to this country."
Julie Hansen


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LS November 14, 2022, 2:58 pm My son, a kindergartener, has been singing the song he learned non-stop (You're a Grand Old Flag). I also believe it made a lasting impression on him.
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