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Dear Editor,

As someone who grew up in Iowa, I am appalled at the persecution that you and a group of "Christian" community members have launched against the director and staff of the Vinton Public Library. This is not the Christianity that I was taught!

I have read and reread your blog, Ms. Kruckenberg and Ms. Hesson's comments/requests and Ms. Greenlee response to Ms. Kruckenberg's comments. At no time did Ms Greenlee "threaten" legal action, nor did I find her response "strong." It was respectful, well spoken, well researched and supported, contrary to your reporting that misquotes Ms. Greenlee and picks and chooses information that supports your "Christian" propaganda (i.e "I Love My Librarian" award).

I have included the link to the "I Love My Librarian" award ceremony so that others can listen to the full content if they are searching for truths: nomination and acceptance from 49:28 thru 54:52.In addition I have included a summary of Ms. Greenlee's nomination for those who are too busy to listen to the recording of the ceremony.

Ms. Greenlee was 1 of 10 librarians nationwide to receive the "I Love My Librarian" award out of more than 1,300 submitted stories highlighting how their librarians had gone above and beyond in their communities. Honorees were selected for their outstanding public service accomplishments.

During her time at MPL, Renee facilitated and created an abundance of dynamic programming for the Marion community, from engaging toddlers and preschoolers with music and movement and evening "Pajama Story Time" for families to a sensory browsing hour designed to welcome patrons with sensory or behavioral needs. With help from community partners, Renee also helped facilitate Marion's first Pride event, which featured a Pride parade around the library, a drag queen story time, a panel with local LGBTQIA+ agencies and more.

In the summer of 2020, Marion and the surrounding areas were struck by a very powerful windstorm called a derecho, devastating the local community and forcing the library to close its doors permanently. In the storm's wake, Renee worked to provide vital services to the community, helping building inspectors assess the structural safety of homes and staffing temporary technology locations across the city to provide internet access and FEMA assistance. She also started the Marion Derecho Digital Archive to collect the stories, photos and feelings of the community, which is available online and continues to grow.

"Children light up under her attention, teens laugh and discuss, and adults relax and listen. Her dedication to learning and people is something that shines through her and lights the way for others to follow in her path and continue the incredible work that she has begun."

Per Google: VintonTodayis not a legal publication underIowalaw.


Julie Hackett

Editor's Note:

Under Iowa law, city, county, schools and occasionally lawyers are required to publish "legal notices" in "legal publications" which so far are those old-fashioned forms of publications known as print "newspapers." News sources such as Vinton Today are rare as stand-alone non-print entities.

Thus the notice posted on the bottom of Vinton Today which pops up on Google, is a heads up for those who have to meet legal requirements in publishing notices.


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DVB May 23, 2022, 9:02 pm Ms. Hackett, I would like more information on this. Can you please let me know where I can find all the correspondence you refer to in your letter, from Ms. Krukenberg, Ms. Hesson and Ms. Greenlee?

Editor's note: Links referenced are in this story at the link below, and the letters are at the bottom of the article...
CB May 24, 2022, 11:00 am Ms. Van Buskirk; All of the letters and discussion during the library board meetings are available for viewing at the library. Please feel free to drop in and discover all of the facts of this situation.
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