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To the Editor

This is my time, post 4th of July, to comment clearly about the mess us Americans, us proud, flag-waving Americans find ourselves in today.

We have been shamed, criticized, canceled, boycotted and forced to yield in silence to others' 1st Amendment Rights at the expense of our own. We have watched in silence as National and State monuments have been defaced, removed or destroyed. We have cow towed to thugs who openly threaten our citizens in the streets, our cars, grocery stores and in some cases in front of our homes. We have watched our businesses, forced by threat of boycott, bow down to factions demanding silence and financial support. We have allowed our schools to indoctrinate our children to programs divisive and false by Government sponsored unions. We have become afraid to wear signs, labels and even red ball caps out of fear of reprisal. We are a majority that fears a minority of Americans who wish to dominate, indoctrinate, re-educate or eliminate any objection to their wishes.

In other words, we are allowing a minority of liberal citizens force upon us a country, a government and a social structure of THEIR desire, not ours.

We have a Constitution which addresses and protects all minority views but does not give them the right to squash the rights of the majority in the processunlessthe majority Allows them!! My fellow Americans who gleefully celebrated with me our sacred holiday of Independence Day are staring into the abyss of never being allowed to celebrate another fireworks studded, Star-Spangled Red, White and Blue Fourth of July again. Why??! Because it offends a few of our disgruntled liberal citizens.

Even many of our elected officials have chimed in, disgusted at our RACIST flag waving party. We cannot, must not, should never allow them to speak for us. WE are the MAJORITY!! WE are a homogeneous mix of colors, languages, religions that came here hundreds of years ago or last week. WE came to be American. We came for the freedom to try to have a good life, the life we wanted to hand town to our children.

We can be silent no longer. We must unite in our communities, our places of worship and our social groups to halt this insanity before it progresses any further. Violence will not be needed.

These malcontents only need to be exposed, called out for who they are and publicly challenged. The first Amendment is our shield as well as theirs. In the end, the ballot box must always reflect the will of the majority.

I admit, our complacency is our fault. Look at recent elections. With exception of the farce that was the 2020, only a fraction of registered voters even make an effort to vote. We've become lazy, allowing small, loud groups to seem larger by our absence.

I call on any and all who read this and agree, to begin writing opinions and letters to the editors of the local newspapers. Organize to vote, talk to people in your neighborhood, show up at PTA meetings, School Board meetings, speak firmly to elected officials, make calls to Congressional Offices. In other words, take back by the same means it has been taken from you, the spirit and the forceful voice of what once was called the Silent Majority.

Refuse to be shouted down. It's okay to be angry that it has come to this. Be resolute in the goodness of our exceptionalism and stand for what we, the broad majority of this grand Country believe in and live our lives by.

Proud American and Patriot

Teri Phillips


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Randy Braden July 8, 2021, 1:31 pm I'm appalled that you didn't mention the thugs carrying automatic weapons on January 6th. Was that ok with you? Shouldn't we unite against white supremacy too or are you ok with that? The election was a farce you say? Is that because your candidate didn't win. There have been dozens of election challenges and none have produce a fraud. Shouldn't we unite against those that abuse the rule of law. Calling the SOS of Georgia and wanting to "find" 12,000 votes is ok with you? How about cheating on ones taxes while you and I pay all that is required? Is paying a porn star hush money from a campaign chest ok with you too? Didn't read anything about those things in your letter. The last four years has done more damage to our democracy than the 240 years before 2016.
Sharon Turner July 8, 2021, 2:45 pm thank you for telling us a few things we can actually do. So many times we are helpless it seems and stuck. I pray that those who can take steps in government will, but I also need to do what I can.
Rick Geater July 8, 2021, 3:22 pm Well said!!!
John Stiegelmeyer July 8, 2021, 6:20 pm One more patriot to add to the list. The left the Marxist/Socialist/Leftist Radicals of the Now Democrat party want us to be quiet. Don't let them intimidate us into silence. Good job.
Teri Phillips July 8, 2021, 9:52 pm Randy Braden.. I don't think there was one comment about what happened the last four years..and the former President's term. This is about what is going on NOW going forward with our country. There is another election coming that we can continue with the direction we are going..or vote to change. The past is the past..leave it have a vote and you have that right to choose. Continuing to beat up what has been isn't going to change what is now. Vote your conscience and conviction. If it is the future and the honest will of the legal it will be. Just as it is now and as it was in 2016.
Darrin Lindsey July 12, 2021, 7:00 am Teri Phillips, Maybe you should take some time to learn what is actually going on right now, instead of listening to your cult leaders telling you lies. You don't want to talk about The Insurrection on January 6, 2021, but you want to keep dwelling on our 2020 election. You've probably heard this before, but there hasn't been one bit of evidence of wide-spread election fraud presented to any court in our country. More than 60 HEARINGS took place, where judges would normally have evidence presented to them, by the accusing side. No evidence was presented in any of those 60+ hearings. In one Pennsylvania hearing, a judge, after hearing Rudy Giuliani tip toe around presenting evidence, asked Giuliani where the evidence of fraud was. Giuliani told the judge that "Nobody was alleging fraud took place in the election." The judge set a second hearing date, and told Giuliani to be prepared with evidence of whatever he was alleging. Giuliani showed up at that second hearing, with no evidence of fraud. Ya see, for a lawyer to allege fraud in court, without any evidence, is immediately terms for that lawyer to be disbarred. Low and behold, Giuliani's license to practice law in New York and Washington D.C. has been suspended, pending review for disbarrment. There was no wide-spread fraud in the election. You've been conned by the most notorious con artist that our country has ever seen. As far as the 1st Amendment, and it's relation to "Free Speech". The ONLY entity that can be guilty of violating a person right to free speech and expression, is OUR GOVERNMENT! Our government can't retaliate against a citizen for anything they say, or anyway they might be expressing themselves. NOBODY else can be guilty of violating someone else's right to free speech and expression, except our government. Yes, you have the right to allow anything to tumble out of your mouth. But, you are then subject to any private citizen or private company to retaliate against you. It's just can't be any government, public official. We Democrats take the time to read our Constitution, and it's Amendments, unlike people in your cult, or others of that ilk telling you what they want you to believe about our Constitution or other issues. After all, the only person that claimed the election was fraudulent, was your cult leader. And, he started doing that 9 months before the election took place. He had no evidence then, and he has no evidence now.
GERALD BATES July 15, 2021, 10:44 am Teri, you are right and just in the position you have expressed. Many Americans feel the exact same way. I also find the comments that Linsey posted to be inflammatory and inciting, much like what we commonly see coming from liberals who we just happen to disagree with. Their response is always the same. They claim to know the Constitution and yet only seem to agree with it when it fits into their agenda. Even then they seem to misquote it and twist it into something else. The inflammatory words that "tumble" out of their mouths are hardly worth the acknowledgment or a response. Great opinion Teri. I enjoyed reading it.
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