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Isaiah 5,20

They say that what is right is wrong, and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.

Isaiah 8th century BC his long ministry lasted almost sixty years and covered the reigns of four kings, the last one being Hezekiah, the reformer. How does one so ancient write what is so appropriate today?

Washington Examiner Hugh Gurdon observes; not a day goes by without parents rebelling against left wing indoctrination of their children at school. Videos of parents confronting an education establishment that has been entirely captured by the radical left are going viral. The question, why has this occurred and why is the education establishment so adamant and voracious in adapting Marxist ideology such as Critical Racist Theory which divides rather than brings together the theme of the Declaration of Independence fostering not a perfect union, but one of a more perfect union; one that continues to grow and bring together our peoples? My observation is this takeover of Hollywood, the IT Crowd, University academia, K-12 administrators, and school boards, and now political activists in our media and government stem from the radicals of the sixties whose offspring are now in some measure of control of our media and government. Who allowed this usurpation to occur - conservative Moms and Dads who were thinking of our home, our jobs and our fiscal progress rather than political activism.

Paraphrasing Liz Cheney - I have been a Republican since I cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan. I believe firmly in the principals that define the Conservative Movement, that is adherence to the rule of law, and fidelity to the Constitution these are very clear and are not negotiable, but not the view of the current leadership of the House of Representatives ---- Pelosi and the squad(my add).

The choice is Americanism or Marxist/Socialist theory; which is it to be? Two Hundred Forty- Five years striving for a more Perfect Union or one of Marxism/Socialism which stifles if not prevents upward movement on the economic ladder?

The Biden Administration has given me no confidence that they will turn from their Marxist/Socialist ways to the vision of those Like Liz Cheney. Those who have not been in the American game must do so now. Protect our borders protect the legacy given to us by our Founders.

Self-righteous Progressives believe they put up with and suffer on behalf of us, and, thus, their irrational fury and hate for the irredeemable and conservative minorities springs from being utterly unappreciated by clueless serfs who should properly worship their betters. Victor Davis Hanson

Social Crusaders never have to take responsibility for the chaos they cause. Thomas Sowell


John Stiegelmeyer

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Polly Williams July 7, 2021, 12:50 pm I agree. Well said. Thank you.
Norma Gould July 7, 2021, 6:22 pm So instead of teaching anything about race what are teachers supposed to do? They must teach about slavery and everything connected to it. There was nothing taught about the Tulsa Race Massacre in schools and that is wrong. They must be taught about the civil war. Everything that happened in our real history must be taught in school to our children. It is our history. If you are calling that critical race theory then too bad for you. So you are comparing Americanism which I assume you believe is coming from republicans and Socialism. Let me ask you how many infrastructure months Trump had during the last 4 years? I lost count but they never amounted to anything. I will bet that Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi will get it done. All your wonderful conservatives accomplished was a huge tax cut that blew the deficit out of the water, a tax cut by the way that benefited the richest people in the country. He was impeached twice and hired a lot of crooks for his administration and then pardoned them all for all the dirty work they did for him. Is that what you call Americanism? More than 535 terrorists have been arrested for the insurrection on 1/06/21 at the Capitol. The select committee is waiting for McCarthy to make his selections so the hearing can start. It was Trump who started this and he needs to be held accountable. As long as he continues to lie about the election being stolen there is a very good chance there will be another attack. Is that Americanism? If all of that isn't enough how about all the voter suppression laws being passed across the country. Even in Iowa we now have less days for early voting and less days for mail-in voting. Less days for mail in voting combined with Louis DeJoy delaying the US mail could make things very difficult for those who are unable to go vote in person. There are even states that can say they believe there is fraud and throw the entire thing out and say another person won. Now won't that be an easy way to have a republican win? Is that Americanism? Trump caused a lot of chaos starting with the select committee on Benghazi that McCarthy admitted on TV that they did it to ruin Hillary's numbers. Then he used Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on Joe Biden but that didn't work. He really made a mess of the pandemic and over 600,000 people died. Oh right, that must have been Americanism. I will continue to pray that our democracy can survive your Americanism. I'm not so sure it can. Norma Gould
John Stiegelmeyer July 8, 2021, 6:28 pm Gould, you are no doubt a leftist. I said nothing about any of your criticism. Critical Race theory causes white children to hate themselves and Black children to feel victimized by the so-called white privilege(which does not exist.) Children are too young to know racism - their innocence must be protected These racist theories are made up by Marxist/Communists - don't fall for it. Your criticism is empty words meaning nothing.
Darrin Lindsey July 12, 2021, 6:11 am John, there is not one K-12 school in our country that teaches critical race theory! You've been conned again. They teach actual History. Documented History! CRT is discussed in institutions of higher learning, which is at the point where a person's brain is fully developed. Also, there are no Socialists in the Democratic Party! To believe so, would mean that you don't know what Governmental Socialism is. As a full fledged Democrat, I guarantee that this country will never have a Socialist Government. At least not in the lifetimes of all living Americans right now.
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