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VS FFA Holds Drive Your Tractor to School Day

By: Josh Wiley, Co-Reporter

On Tuesday, March 23rd, Vinton-Shellsburg FFA members participated in Drive Your Tractor to School day. Unfortunately, weather had interfered with many member’s plans to drive open-cab tractors, so only four tractors driven by Emma Wiley, Christopher Fleming, Jesse Gray, and Clayton McKenna were able to make the day. National Agriculture day also coincided with driving your tractor to school day, making it a perfect date to hold this event, excluding the weather aspect. Members woke up early, hopped in/on their tractor, and drove to the school. After school, members had a photoshoot with the tractors and drove to the local Tootsie’s ice cream shop to enjoy ice cream together. When asked about the day, Senior Emma Wiley stated “It was a really fun day. It was awesome to be able to drive the tractor into town and bring a little agriculture into urban areas. I especially enjoyed all the younger kids looking and waving at me on the road”. All in all, it was a great day. Members enjoyed themselves in the company of each other, all while showing off some good old tractors!

Emma Arnold, Clayton McKenna, Jesse Gray, Gunnar Schminke, Christopher Fleming, Andrew Brummer, Grace Schminke, Annabelle Newton, Emma Wiley, and Maren Redlinger pose for a photo with the tractors that were driven to school on Tuesday.

Grace Schminke, Emma Wiley, Sammie Lundvall, Emma Arnold, Christopher Fleming, Andrew Brummer, Jesse Gray, and Clayton McKenna enjoy ice cream at Tootsies after school

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