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Benton County families impacted by the disaster who still have unmet needs are encouraged to apply to the Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition for assistance. To request an application for assistance, call: 319-241-5121. Funds are available to help anyone who still may have expenses incurred from August 10's derecho that are not covered by other sources. The lag in time for applications has been waiting for insurance and FEMA to complete their processes. There are no income guidelines to make an application to the Coalition.

The Coalition responds to multi-dwelling disasters to assist families in the county who have unmet needs after all other sources of funds have been exhausted. Individual insurance, federal and state assistance would be utilized first and if a family still had unmet needs existing that creates a hardship for the family, then the Coalition will do what they can to provide financial support. However, Coalition funds are limited as monies are all raised through donations and grants. Shortly after organizing the Coalition became a 501c3 organization to accept donations, which it relies upon for funds to help families.

In addition, with funds donated from agriculture companies, organizations, and individuals specifically for agricultural producers, a new fund was established specifically for farm operators who have expenses not covered by insurance. Funds can be used for repairs to things like machinery or structures damaged in the derecho not covered by insurance. Applications should be requested by calling: 319-241-5121.

The Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition was established after the flood of 2008. The Coalition is Benton County's long term recovery committee that activates to assist residents with unmet needs after a disaster. The Coalition's mission is "To strengthen area-wide disaster coordination in Benton County by sharing information, simplifying resident access, and jointly resolving cases with unmet needs". It works directly with Benton County Emergency Management to respond to multi-dwelling disasters. Members of the committee are local agency representatives and volunteers.

Since the Disaster Recovery Coalition began, they have responded to the Flood of 2008, the 2011 windstorm, the 2016 tornado and the 2016 September flood. The Coalition was activated

following the derecho and has been meeting weekly to assist families and farmers impacted by the derecho and will continue to do so until all applications are handled.


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