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-For five-year plan covering Benton, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn, and Washington Counties

East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG) is starting work on its Passenger Transportation Plan (PTP). Passenger transportation can include:

* Public transit

* Taxi/transportation network (Uber & Lyft)

* Volunteer driving programs

* Non-emergency medical transportation

The PTP aims to bring light to unmet needs, improve Iowans' transportation services and justify future investments. This plan covers 2021-2025 for the non-metropolitan areas of the following counties:

* Benton * Iowa

* Johnson * Jones

* Linn

* Washington * Cedar

ECICOG is seeking input from members of these communities, whether they are currently using passenger transportation or not. Input from regional transportation agencies and human service providers is also needed.

"The PTP is an important process to understand what people in eastern Iowa want for public transportation in the future, and how the current transit services can be improved," said Brock Grenis, Transit Administrator / Planner. "Getting public input is the best way we can make sure the PTP is accurate and that future investments in transit services are what people want and need."

Surveys are available at ECICOG's new public engagement online platform, until Feb. 1, 2021. Responses are fully confidential and appreciated.


ECICOG assists in creating vibrant, forward-thinking communities and in building a collaborative and resilient region. Jointly created by 6 counties in 1974 , ECICOG exists to serve the Benton, Linn, Jones,

Iowa, Johnson, and Washington County communities. Learn more at!


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