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If you are like me, you might pull up at the curb in downtown Vinton. You get out and go about your business. You might observe the clean street and sidewalk, the displays in the store windows, or maybe some sales that are posted.

The Cottage Garden Society of Vinton helped provide a touch of beauty to the downtown Vinton area. Members of the society donated their time and talent; with the help of the local FFA. This year the group thought that perhaps we all needed a bit more cheer this Christmas season.

If you look around you'll see gorgeous Christmas displays in the form of flower pots. You'll see them bursting with greenery, flowers, pinecones, and some spray painted natural clippings giving each display a little more pop. The beauty of these displays is their simplicity as well as their elegance.

Taking the above supplies, and placing them in the pots while it might be a simple task to arrange it gives the viewers great pleasure. Topping the displays off with a bow gives them that little added flair.

Responsibility for the seasonal creations goes to the Cottage Garden Society and the wonderful members that saw a need and just decided to fill it.

Members of Cottage Garden Society include Kris Birker, Kathy Chamberlain, Cindy Elwick, Nancy Flickinger, Kim Frazier, Stan and Nancy Geiken, Brenda Hackbarth, Marcia Hite, Maggie Johnson, Cheryl Jorgensen, Ann Jorgensen, Cheryl Knaack, Jo Ellen Krug, Jeanne Mann, Rhonda McClintock, Becky Moen, Lois Mulvaney, Denice Stephenson, Anita Strouf, Fran Stueck, and Molly Vrba.

If you see any of these wonderful folks, tell them, "Thank you!"

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Comments (3)

These are a wonderful addition to downtown. Thanks for all the work you did to beautify our downtown!
By: Joyce Erickson on November 16th 1:36pm
I noticed them right away. They are stunning! We all need a smile this year. Thank you!!
By: Barb Beau on November 16th 2:06pm
By: David Morrow on November 17th 4:58am

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