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While most saw a fire on Saturday morning on the northeast corner of John's Qwik Stop block, others had a vision for something else. The Vinton Fire Department was called in to take down a house that was recently purchased by JQS. The area will be used to make room for a new car wash on the property.

John's Qwik Stop has used its resources to support numerous school and community projects over the last several decades, adding a car wash will help with these efforts.

JQS is also home to several other national chains housed under one roof, A&W, Godfather's Pizza, Charley Biggs Chicken while offering a convenience store, and of course BP gas pumps at the same location. 

Keep an eye out for more action on the property over the next several months. 

Vinton keeps humming with progress!


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Mama Mia! That's a spicy meat ball!
By: Mario B . on May 19th 9:13am

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