There is so much information streaming in here, that just sorting through it all is mentally exhausting. Trying to figure out all of the government releases and if they apply to Vinton, or if it's some branch of government that doesn't apply to most of us.

Then there's the continual "You need to write about THIS!" Okay let me address all of those topics:

This will be news that I COULD drag out into lengthy stories, but this is how I will get caught up here.

This will publish on the News page, although it should go on a Newsitorial page, much like the big guys should.

Watch for other updates as I feed them through to you as quickly as possible.

City Council

The Vinton City Council held it's first virtual meetings with all members connecting remotely. Fortunately, the Vinton City Administrator, Chris Ward is no stranger to technology and was able to coordinate the group to connect online as he ran the technology from his home.

Click to view the City Council Meeting held on March 26, 2020

VMEU Board Appointments

The big news this past week is that the council approved 2 new members to the VMEU Board. Gerald Horst and Melissa Mosher. I'd give you more information about what the candidates said in their interviews, but well, the connection was so poor I couldn't understand most of what was said, a PERFECT place to plug getting internet service through iVinton, sign up now!

Other candidates for the position were Mike Elwick and Amy Edison.

Benton County Supervisors

The Benton County Supervisors have also taken to live streaming of their meetings on YouTube which makes for a much smoother transmission of the meeting for those watching. The difference is that they are still meeting in person.

Their YouTube channel can be found here.

You don't think it's serious

Trust me I do. As I see the numbers creeping up in Benton County, I'm getting more nervous by the day. I thought it could be contained by people containing themselves but in all honestly we probably had it before we knew we had it.

Shelter in Place vs. Social Distancing

Essentially they are the same thing. Keep your behind at home! Shelter in Place puts the burden on Law Enforcement to make sure that you're being adults here, just be adults. Socially Distant yourself from everyone!

If you're sick and decide to tour the town, you are the people that well, you have more problems than we can help you with.

Stay HOME! We aren't going to get back to normal as long as this killer is roaming our streets!

Homebirths are now in

The phone is ringing off the hook with moms who don't want to take their healthy body into a possible virus-infected hospital to give birth to a virus-free baby in the middle of a petri dish, makes perfect sense to me. However, not all women are good candidates for home birth. So, if you are one of those women with a laundry list of health problems, you're still better off in a hospital or a birthing me, I've been on both sides of this!


Apparently someone wrote a story as an op-ed piece about how homeschooling is damaging our kids. I haven't had time to read it. Trust me, your kids will be fine. Mom and dad might suffer a little until we get through this, but your kids will be fine! Have we put their "normal" education on hold to save some lives, you bet we have. BUT now is the time you teach them all the things that are REALLY important, yes, more important than book learning. You teach them about taking care of others. You teach them to do chores around the house, because if we all live in the same house, we all have to pitch in. We teach them to cook, fix things, how to clean their room, how to plan a menu and a grocery list so that we only have to go to the store ONCE this month!

To my fellow Colleague

(Unrelated to Covid, but in my stack of stuff that I want to write about)

It was made public that one of the fellows on the side of my competition is no longer in the business due to dementia. This breaks my heart for so many reasons, mostly because I've seen dementia up close and personal. I also remember the presidential candidate forums that I was honored to be with you.

Not once did you treat me as your enemy or someone to shun, but took me under your wing and shared your stories of other campaigns back to the 70's and I listened soaking in all the tidbits that you shared.

I know persimmons are your favorites and you have a soft spot for the festivals in Indiana that highlighted this fruit. I know you spent years hunkered at a desk in a newspaper somewhere for the last several decades, doing a job for less pay than most other jobs, but because you loved it.

You've done your job well, and I have to admit, it won't be the same out here without you. You are in our thoughts and prays, Jim, we'll miss seeing you!

Easter isn't on hold

Check out this link to LaGrange Pharmacy They are making it possible to get those Easter treats AND support that hospital at the same time! $10 for Easter goodies and half of it goes directly to the hospital.

Will I still be here?

I think so. Vinton Today has been one of the steady sources in every nasty situation Vinton has faced in the last 10 years. When we were flooded and the electricity was out, traffic to Vinton Today went through the roof. When the windstorm went through, we were there with you in that. When the businesses are having to readjust their operations and strategy we try to share as quickly as we can. With all of the changes happening around you, and even if you aren't an advertiser, let me help you get the word out. Vinton Today looks at all of this differently than most. It's not about an ad, it's about survival. We need all of you to make it through this, we can get back to politics when this is over.

Supporting our local businesses

I know it's been said before, but if you can, and your income is steady, order take out from someone local.

Now is also the time to shop at the local businesses online, Cameron and Henkle Creek are offering merchandise through their Facebook page, give it a look and see what you might need If you don't see it ask.

Michael & Dowd is also operating online. If you can't buy anything now, at least pop on to their Facebook page and let them know that you are watching their page!

Flowers by Nature's Corner, unfortunately, is completely unable to fill orders at this time. So they can't operate, but I'll try to let you know as soon as they are back up and running!

Viking Sewing Center has gone above and beyond in this crisis helping with supplies to make masks and gowns for area hospitals. If you don't sew, but want to help, drop off a donation and tell Dean thanks! (no he didn't ask for any help, he's just helping in the way that he can for now!) Kudos to Vikings!

Fareway and Dollar General: to your staff and employees, Thank you for the crazy amount of work that you've had to put into stocking the shelves. Thanks for the extra work at cleaning that you've had to do. Most of all, thanks for being part of our community!

Vinton Today Fundraiser

Right before all of the Covid-19 news broke, I had started asking for donations to cover the expense of the new website build. Some of you have so kindly already sent in donations, and I wanted to thank you so very much for your generosity. I won't be mentioning the fundraiser again until this pandemic is over

Vinton Today is always the site where people go in a crisis. When it was flooding the traffic to the site went through the roof. During the windstorm, it did the same thing. This time is no different.

Vinton Today functions on the back of our advertisers. Without them, well, I wouldn't be able to do the job that I do. In this crisis I don't think they mind that I reach out and help direct you to other businesses in town that are struggling, We've got to stick together whether your advertising dollars go to Vinton Today or the other guy, that's not what this is about.

The support of the businesses in this town is what made Vinton Today possible. I am here because of the support of them. A special thanks go out to all of them, and especially to the ones that saw this vision and hitched your wagon to mine. Thank you.

If you'd still like to donate toward the new website, you, of course, can, it will be greatly appreciated, click here to donate online, or you can send a check to Vinton Today, P.O. Box 7 Vinton, Iowa 52349.

That will be the last time I ask until we're "back to normal" whatever that means! IF there is still a need later, I'll let you know.

Thanks for reading and being part of my world...stay safe, but please folks, stay home!

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Thanks for posting so much great information in one spot! Great job Val!
By: Tressa Walton on March 31st 1:12pm

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