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Anderson Creek Estates, located south of the high school, is humming with activity.

A locally owned construction business was the first to break ground and begin building in the new addition. Grimm Construction has been in business for the past 9+ years, owned by Jeremy and Emily Grimm. The couple started with a house they remodeled and then flipped. After that, they moved into the construction of new homes, including their own beautiful home which the couple built and designed and now share with their three young children.

The business was recommended by relatives of a couple looking to relocated back to Vinton. Grimm Construction is in the process of building the new home for Andrew Hanscom and Kristin Mossman of Colorado.

The Colorado residents created a scavenger hunt to surprise Kristin’s family at Christmas time with the hunt ending at the house build to announce to the surprised family that they were moving back to Iowa.

The house is scheduled to be completed early in the spring and is located on what is called Homecoming Court.

Monday the rafters were lifted onto the house with the help of a crane and the roof began to take shape. With the walls framed, the walls were put up as well.

There are currently other lots sold in Anderson Creek Estates and other basements have been poured on 6 other sites in the new division by Eagle View Land Management, so far Grimm is joined by Jody Stickels another local contractor building in the new addition at this time.

If you are interested in building in this location, contact Matt at Cedar Valley Bank for more information and programs that could help you with the cost!

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I continue to wonder why the City of Vinton focuses on new development and growing the boundaries of the city rather than providing incentives for current owners to reinvest in already existing properties. Both are part of the solution to solving the lack of mid-range housing in Vinton.
By: Jess Rundlett on January 8th 12:55pm

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