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Saturday morning found our area Vinton-Shellburg Cheerleaders volunteering their time to wash cars in their effort to support the local cheerleading squad.

The team has held various fundraising events throughout the summer using the funds to attend camps that help the team. The team also needs another megaphone and signs to use at competitions and games.

Another of the groups need is to purchase new pink pom-poms. The ones that the team are using now for the Breast Cancer Support events to honor those who are currently fighting or who have fought breast cancer are 10 years old, worn out and the squad needs to add more so that there are enough for the whole team. (If you would like to donate toward this need feel free to send a gift to Amie Price at 1673 58th St. Garrison, Iowa 52229 Each set is $25)

Two members of the team also have a chance to attend the Citrus Bowl and are working on raising funds on their own for that event.

Ehlinger's car wash was buzzing with activity as the guys and gals scrubbed and shined the cars, well mostly cars, there was one other vehicle brought in that wasn't their normal car or truck...Alex Grief brought his mower and golf cart in as well!

The group spent several hours working in the heat and sending folks away with a smile.

Altogether the team raised $535 (none of this went toward the girls headed to the Citrus Bowl)

If you would like to follow the cheerleaders you can find their Facebook page here!

Anyone wanting to send a donation toward the

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