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Wes Haefner, son of Kevin and Julie Haefner of Vinton is heading to Alaska to help fight the wildfires happening across the state.

Haefner was a former FFA President at Vinton Shellsburg, graduating in 2018. Haefner has been continuing his education in fire training at Hawkeye Community College, and Conservation Technology at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls. Part of his training has involved the use of various power equipment that will be needed. As part of his training, he has also had to complete and qualify in a physical agility test.

He has done some volunteer work for the Franklin County Conservation Department and also served in the Iowa Falls areas, and at the Rock Creek State Park in Kellogg, Iowa.

Tomorrow he will head to Alaska for a couple of weeks with a group of firefighters. To date there are over 1 million acres burning across the state with 120 total fires burning.

Keep the group in your prayers for their safety as they fight alongside many others in the area.

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Valarie, I would like to first of all say how proud of Wesley that Pamela and I are. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to keep our community informed as to what is going on with our youth, even after they have graduated from high school. We can see how the kids excel in school, sports or other activities during their formative years. But after they continue on with post high school education or training as adults, we rarely here what good things they are doing. Like Wes, many of our former youth have now turned into productive inspiring young adults who will be the leaders of our communities and organization serving our country in ways to numerous to count. As a life long member of Vinton I enjoy seeing how the kids and grandkids of those around us have continued to grow into leaders knowing that somehow maybe our good ol hometown values had something to do with it. Thanks again Rick
By: Rick Primmer on July 11th 7:45pm
It is nice to live in a community where prayers are still requested.
By: Tammy Surface on July 12th 1:32am

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