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Jeff Schadle brought his therapy dog named Cruizer to the Vinton Public Library for their story time on Wednesday.

Cruiser has made the rounds to area hospitals and to places like the library. Cruiser has badges on his vest, one is from the Wounded Warriors, Pet Partners, he also has a volunteer pin from Virginia Gay Hospital for the two-three years of visits that he's made. He's been to Cedar Rapids to the Mercy Hospital, Windsor Manor, the Lutheran Home and various other places. He will be recertified as a therapy dog on Saturday, something he has to do every two years.

A service dog is for the use of one person but as a therapy dog, his owner explained, he belongs to everyone!

The dog was named Cruizer because he came to live with the Schadle family at the time of the Vinton Cruise. The family discovered early on that Cruizer was deaf, so they have trained Cruizer to respond to hand signals.

Cruizer is also a qualified Canine Good Citizen. As a requirement for that, he has to accept a friendly stranger, sit politely, have a good appearance and be well groomed and be able to walk with a leash and a crowd, and also much respond well to other dogs.

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Cruizer is worth his weight in gold!!
By: Denise Joyal on July 10th 5:28pm

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