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Ava Shirm sewing quilts for 8 years old

How many of you can remember what you were doing at 8 years old?

For many of us, it was a time that we spent playing with our friends, making up some imaginary game, riding our bikes and doing what most 8-year-olds do.

There's a special 8-year-old named Ava Shirm that has all of us beat when it comes to a memorable childhood.

The quilt shown above was made for her grandpa, and another quilt that she made went to a veteran from Mt. Auburn. Ava sews her quilts under the watchful eye of her great-grandmother Rita Moore. Ava is starting her fourth quilt, this time her quilt will be just for her.

"This will be her sewing machine one day" Rita said as she beamed while keeping and eye on Ava as she sewed.

Rita is involved in a group called the "Quilts of Valor" that creates a quilt for Veterans and then it is presented in a ceremony to them.

Quilting runs in the family. Rita told of her grandmothers who both sewed quilts. One she said was professional and the other was not. She laughed as she said that you could tell which quilt was made by which woman by the quality of the quilt. Rita isn't shy about telling you that she has a reputation as a perfectionist when she sews, she laughs but her work speaks for itself. She wasn't seeking a story about herself when she contacted me, but she wanted to brag on her great-granddaughter Ava.

While soccer, swimming and playing with her little sisters are things that Ava enjoys, she also loves to spend time with her great grandmother as they sew together.

Ava is part of a group called, Under our Wings a branch of the Quilts of Valor program created specifically for young people to help them learn the art of quilting and teach them the importance of community service.

Ava made one quilt for her grandfather and has another quilt finished that was presented, to an area veteran (pictured above). Ava is working on yet another project and has material chosen for another quilt that is just "for fun."

"Under our Wings" is designed for community service organizations who desire to do a community service project. Church groups, quilt guilds, 4-H, FFA etc. are all welcome to participate.

Under our Wings is designed to honor our veterans and service members touched by war and helps the designers of the quilts to learn about a veteran or service member in their community.

Once the quilts are completed, they are awarded to the service member at an award ceremony.

To find more information about Under our Wings, click here.

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Comments (2)

So glad to see Rita passing on her passion for sewing. Roger was a recipient of one of Rita's Quilts of Valor and it is beautiful along with being a wonderful tribute to him. Keep up the good work Rita and way to go Ava!
By: Joyce Calvert on July 14th 11:38pm
Well done, Ava
By: Helen Moye on July 25th 12:12am

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