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Denny Hummel putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls inside the Legion.

The guys at the American Legion are always quick to look at the positive. They've torn the flooring out of the building, and have been hard at work getting the place dried out so that they can get the hall up and running again.

The Legion depends on the income from rental of the hall to pay the monthly bills so that they will have a roof over their head.

This past weekend found Denny and Kathy Hummel, Matt Johnson and Roxell Harrelson painting inside the hall and working hard to get the place ready to go again.

They still need to replace the flooring and will need help to put everything back together.

If you are able to help with manpower when they get to the place that they need a hand, feel free to contact Brad Anderson 472-2172 to let him know.

If you would like to donate any supplies like floor coverings, or other building essentials to the legion also contact Brad.

You can mail any donations to the American Legion, P.O. Box 264 Vinton, Iowa 52349.

Pictured: Top Denny Hummel and below Matt Johnson, both hard at work painting at the Legion on Saturday.

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