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The band department is in the process of purchasing new marching band uniforms for the start of the 2020 marching band season.

The current uniforms were purchased in 2005 with an understanding that they would last 10 to 15 years.

The new uniform design was created specifically for Vinton-Shellsburg using the following parameters: A 'V' and an 'S' should be incorporated in the design; the old gold/yellow of our school colors should appear in the design, and the design should be a healthy blend of traditional and contemporary. While other factors played into this end result, these 3 guiding principles led to a unique design that will showcase our community with pride.
Anyone who would like to donate to the purchase of these uniforms can do so at our fundraising page below, or by writing a check to the Vinton-Shellsburg band department.

Each uniform costs approximately $475, and we are hoping to raise enough money for 120 uniforms ($60,000). To kickstart the fundraising efforts, the Vinton-Shellsburg Fine Arts Century Club has pledged $15,000 over three years, covering the first 25% of the goal!

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