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The holidays were a difficult time for Vinton resident Shawna Hunziker and her family. Shawna’s brother, Joshua Wellman, has not been heard from since Nov. 11.

“I dropped him of at the ASAC office in Cedar Rapids,” says Joshua’s mom, Teresa Walton.

Later that day, Teresa returned home to see that Josh had gone to a store – probably Wal-Mart – and bought a stuffed animal for his daughter.

The family has not heard from him since.

“He would never just leave like that without telling anyone where he was going,” says Shawna.

The family reported Josh missing to the Cedar Rapids Police Department on Nov. 16. A police spokesperson says the department has heard nothing since then.

Shawna said she tried to call Josh’s phone the day he disappeared, but it went straight to voice mail. His mother said he did not seem upset, nor had she noticed any changes in his life that seemed to bother him.

All of Joshua’s things were still in his mom’s house, where he had been staying. His bicycle was also still at her residence.

Josh's family says he enjoys spending time with his daughter, camping, fishing and playing Frisbee golf.

“We miss him and love him,” says his mom.


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Della Brehm January 4, 2016, 10:54 am Is it possible for authorities to track his cell phone?
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