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On the meeting held June 27, 2019, two new reserve officers were sworn in to serve the City of Vinton. Benjamin Eden and Jacob Sanders took their oath from Mayor Bud Maynard.

Nathan Hesson commented on the Young Eagle event at the airport this year and how impressed he was with the event encouraging the Airport to continue this event.

New flooding maps for Vinton were issued by FEMA.

Ron Hessenius reported that Public Safety met, and Police Chief Ted Paxton will be making a proposal for a new ordinance concerning bb/pellet guns that they could not be carried in public or easily accessible in a vehicle.

June 29 the Ron da voo requested a street closing.

July 19 southside of the courthouse for the Vinton Waterball fights from 1st to 2nd Ave. Dennis Bramow requested this.

Jim Gill, requested a public hearing concerning his property on 2nd St. July 11th was chosen for a hearing on the nuisance property ordinance.

East 3rd St. project had a change order requests for approval by the council as per the Iowa DOT.

The Iowa DOT required a core cut out of the new street to verify thickness (which was then filled with approved grout) so that increased the cost of the project, the council approved the additional costs.

A plan to combine the Fire Department, Ambulance and Police Departement requested permission to proceed forward to find a professional architectural service that would be qualified to construct a structure that would house all of the services. The council approved moving forward.

A resolution was approved to allow part-time city employees to purchase health insurance at no cost to the city.

The council moved to approve and move forward to approve Boomerang as the lowest bidder to proceed with demolition of the flood buy out homes.

Motion was approved to reimburse Marcia Hite for sidewalk replacement.

The council appointed a VMEU Board Member to replace Jon Kremer as a board member who stepped down because he has moved from Vinton. Rich Hainstock and Gerald Horst both submitted their names to finish Kremer's term for another 4 years. Mike Elwick will be up for re-appointment in January. Much discussion was held. Four council members would have chosen Horst while two preferred Hainstock. It was mentioned that Horst has non-compete agreement with ImOn one of the providers for the new iVinton fiber network so because of that the council and the Mayor chose Hainstock, but the choice between the two was very close.

A request from Blake Hesson for improvements in the industrial park was made. He requested an extension of R Ave. North R and E Street is the location of the needed improvements to create a company in the area. The council will make a decision later after more information becomes available.

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