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It has been requested that the City Council hold a public hearing on the city's public nuisance ordinance. 

Neighbors complained of the property located on E. 2nd St. between 7th and 8th Ave. owned by Jim Gill. 

Gill was present at the last meeting and requested to discuss the issue with the council. For the council to do so a public hearing must be held. 

The hearing will begin at the regularly scheduled council meeting at 7:00 p.m. July 11.

The grounds of the property under discussion appear to have been properly maintained but it appears that the owner has constructed a teepee as his residence. There is also another project being constructed at the west end of the property.

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Seriously, this is what people have to complain about? It's a teepee which has been a dwelling in the country for hundreds of years. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it a nuisance. If you have nothing better to do harass a young man who is living his life his way then I think you need to take time to reflect on the lack of direction and purpose in your own life.
By: Jason White on July 9th 2:35am
Actually Jason the letter I recieved was about some grass that wasnt trimmed. In one small area. The pictures they referenced had my weedeater in plain view. It had run out of gas and I had left to get some to finish. They had to wait for me to walk away before they snapped the photo. Its harrassment...
By: Jim Gill on July 10th 12:53am
The public hearing I requested is about a letter I recieved before the teepee was even erected.

By: Jim Gill on July 10th 1:28am
I had to go see for myself what the problem was... and let me tell you, i noticed right away, that A) it's a beautiful representation of history B) the peacefulness of it, and C) that there actually is no problem.
There are bigger issues in this town.
By: Tiffany Smith on July 11th 2:56am
First of all, Jason is absolutely right.
And since when did people lose the right to put up a tent or teepee in their yard? Who is he hurting?
Honestly, I used to help mow it! And it looks cleaner now than it ever has.
There is no "nuisance." For the love of God.
By: Sarah Pohlmann on July 11th 3:56am

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