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If you call to order a Pizza from "the Hut," the Vinton location has officially been closed according to the website and a message on the answering machine.

The company said that they will be closing several hundred "underperforming stores," however it appears that the stores that have been closed in Iowa are those in small towns.

Franchisee NPC International, owners of Pizza Hut, filed in bankruptcy court and agreed with Pizza Hut to close hundreds of locations. The company out of Leawood, Kansas, company had filed for bankruptcy protection in July.

NPC owns 1,225 Pizza Hut restaurants and 385 Wendy's restaurants in 27 states. There were a total of around 18,702 Pizza Hut restaurants around the world, before the closures.

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Oh so many memories of going to Pizza Hut after basketball games. Pizza, pop and video games and hanging out with friends.
RIP Pizza Hut
By: Halane Cummings on September 8th 3:44pm
This makes me so sad! Ryan and his staff were so great ! Ryan always made us feel like we were the only guests ~ even when the dining room was full! There's no replacing that! I wish the staff the best in their futures.
By: Tamara Stark on September 8th 3:55pm
Sad news. Our favorite pizza is no more. Been our favorite for 30+ years. Always the best!
By: Barb Beau on September 8th 4:15pm
This is sad news! Thank you Ryan for all of your hard work and being a great boss to Trent.
By: Jeannine Peyton on September 8th 6:19pm
This was my first job after high school. I loved working closing shifts there. We would turn on the jukebox and jam to the tunes while cleaning. Sad to hear that Pizza Hut has closed.
By: Gina Lahue on September 9th 1:25pm
So sorry to hear this news. Ryan was the best thing that ever happened to that restaurant. It was TERRIBLE until Ryan took over, and from then on it was the most reliable and accurate place in town to order from. Anyone would be lucky to have Ryan working for them. Best of luck to Ryan and all of his staff.
By: Brian Larkin on September 9th 2:08pm
This was such a dumb decision. They just lost thousands of customers just from one town. No one is going to go 35 miles away to go pick up pizza from one of their other locations and bring it back to Vinton. I see Pizza Hut going completely out of business everywhere. Can’t stay in competition in bigger cities when there is better tasting pizza to choose from. They just shot themselves in the foot.
By: Elle Elke on October 25th 1:20pm

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