Mid-Iowa Council, Boy Scouts of America recently partnered with
Fareway and Dean Snyder Construction for two storm shelters to be built at Mitigwa Scout

Each company committed to fully fund the cost of one storm shelter, an approximate
value of $40,000.

“Our top priority is the safety of our Scouts. As the only Scout summer camp open in Iowa this year
we are extremely proud that we hosted nearly one thousand boys and girls and adult leaders for an
exciting and safe outdoor experience without any COVID cases,” said Matt Hill, Scout Executive /
CEO of Mid-Iowa Council. “Just eight days after the last Scout troop went home the derecho
devasted camp.”

“In partnership with Dean Snyder Construction we look forward to building two storm shelters at
Camp Mitigwa,” said Fareway President and CEO Reynolds W. Cramer. “This is essential for a safe
camp experience for members of the Boy Scouts and we are proud to assist with this needed

These two storm shelters will provide safe refuge during inclimate weather with room for up to 40
people. An additional ten storm shelters are needed to sustain campers when Mitigwa is at full
capacity. Individuals or companies interested in supporting the construction of storm shelters can
contact Dan Gelis Dan.Gelis@scouting.org 515-266-2135 or visit CampIowa.org/MitigwaStrongFund.

Established in 1923, Mitigwa has been a special place in the hearts of hundreds of thousandsof young
people and generations of Iowans. On August 10th, just days after our 98th summer closed, a derecho
storm with hurricane-force winds severely damaged almost every building in camp. The MitigwaStrong
Fund has been established to invite all who love her to give back and ensure our 99th summer will take
place. Thank you on behalf of all future Scouts. Give today: CampIowa.org/MitigwaStrongFund.

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