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2011 found both Taylor and Peyton Frank volunteering at the Vinton Animal Shelter which at the time was managed by Friends of the Shelter. Fast forward 8 years, and the two are now in the beginning steps of setting up their own non-profit to continue the efforts.

"During our first visit we knew we were in trouble - we were hooked. What started out as an every other weekend event, quickly turned into an almost daily adventure" said Peyton. "From 2011-2014 I was in undergraduate work, so I spent much of my 'out of class' time and summers at the shelter, while Taylor would come over on her lunch breaks, after work and almost every weekend."

The two walked dogs, cleaned the kennels, did the needed laundry and any of the other odd jobs that were needed to help keep things running.

"Over the past 8 years, we were blessed with the opportunity to volunteer with FOTSI and expand our roles within the organization" said Frank.

Over time, the two began handling the pet adoptions, operating the Facebook page and fundraising.

Taylor stepped up and began taking photos of the pets and using that as another way to raise funds for the shelter.

The two estimate that they have been actively involved in the shelter every day for the last 5+ years, but said that they wouldn't change it for anything in the world!

Late last fall, the Franks decided to take that passion and dreams for the animals down a different path and began work to form Better Together.

FOTSI will no longer be providing hands-on animal care or placing animals for adoption, but their efforts will be focused on spaying and neutering animals within our community.

The Franks will continue to do the daily hands-on care and have made the commitment to create Better Together.

Better Together will continue to operate out of the adoption center, which be transferred officially to the new organization once the non-profit status (currently in process) is final.

In the meantime, the Franks will continue to find homes for the cats in their care and will continue fundraising efforts.

"While we've put a lot of work into Better Together, we wouldn't be where we are without our Board of Directors and community support. Our Board consists of Kim Frank (President), Jeff Schadle (VP), Barry Dietsch (Treasurer), Danelle Fowler (Secretary) and Dr. Alice Timmerman (Board Member). The encouragement we've received from Vinton has been overwhelming, to say the least. While we admit we still have some worries on if we'll be able to do this, we are reminded on a daily basis that we have some of the best supporters anyone could ask for." said Frank.

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Taylor and Peyton are famous! I live in Indiana and I know them. Great people.
By: Rob Hanesworth on April 11th 7:48pm

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