Is it WORTH IT for you to stay alive? Worth it to your family, friends, coworkers? My guess is that if you were in a car accident, you would have an outpouring of friends and family very concerned about you. United Fire does an awesome job with their Do NOT Text and Drive campaign called Worth It. You have probably seen commercials for it on the local stations. So this is just a friendly reminder during April’s Distracted Driving Awareness month to remind yourself to leave the phone in the backseat while you are driving. Remind yourself that you do want to drive into your driveway and see your loved ones again so pay attention to what you are doing! If you are in a car with someone who is texting and driving- call them out on it; offer to text whoever is so important to text. We get calls all the time on why people’s car insurance went up when they haven’t had any claims. Insurance companies are telling us that with all the distracted driving claims, everyone is paying for them-literally. Think of all the accidents we know of and some of them are bad accidents with serious injuries or death. We’re all paying for that. Stop the distracted driving epidemic with yourself and anyone in your vehicle.

On another note, I was pleasantly surprised this weekend at the health fair when I talked to people about life insurance and if people had it or not. The majority of people did have life insurance! Yeah! That is exciting! Life insurance is the ONE insurance you are guaranteed to use. So make sure you have it. For those that have it through an employer, I would caution to see if it is a type of policy you can take with you when you retire or leave that job. The younger you are, the cheaper life insurance is. Plus the older we get the more health issues that typically come up causing life insurance to be more expensive or harder to get. So lock something in when you are young that is a whole life or universal policy and it will last you long after your retirement years. College students need to be thinking about this more and more as college debt becomes a rising number. Who is going to cover that debt if something happens to you? If you ever want to review your life insurance, I would be happy to do so. Sorry I missed you at the Health Fair if you didn’t make it. You should definitely mark your calendar for next year. What an amazing opportunity to see all that our Community offers. Chances are we are all going to encounter someone who needs help at some point and what a great chance to point them in the right direction with one of our many resources available.

Wilson-Hite would also like to thank everyone who came out to the Wizard Of Oz at the Palace on Saturday. It was a beautiful afternoon but we had a great crowd of people who wanted to see the Wizard on the BIG screen! If you haven’t visited our local theater lately, you really should. They do a great job there and are great to work with and always appreciate the support. The popcorn is really good too!

Make April the month you start putting your phone while you drive, review your life insurance policies, and go see a Movie at the Palace! Dumbo’s coming soon and who doesn’t love that elephant!?

As always, I am here to help you review any insurance coverages you wish to review. Give me a call, I’d love to help.


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