Ah, 'tis the political season. It's been somewhat comical to see all of the hats flying into the political ring.

So far, on the Republican side, there are now 11 candidates. There's that one guy that no one knows anything about, Donald Trump, followed by Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Perry Johnson, Larry Elder, Asa Hutchinson, Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, Mike Pence and Doug.

Let's just cut to the chase on this. Chris Christie, 60, doesn't have a chance. He hates Trump, and that sums up why he's running. When I think of Christie, I remember him closing the beaches then plopping his behind in a chair, on the beach. Another of those "do as I say, not as I do" politicians. So I'm not interested.

Then there's Mike Pence, 64. I don't know maybe it's me, but this guy is the least exciting in the group running. When I hear his name I think, "Ho hum, boring." The guy just ran a Bud Light-type commercial that was from his "Candidate of Genius" line. The only thing missing was the Clydesdales. I'm thinking that was in itself a bad move. It was just so, I don't know, so 80s? He get a meh, for originality.

Asa Hutchinson. Love the first name, only because I've seen it in my family tree research. The guy is 72, and I'm thinking we really NEED another guy pushing that geriatric candidate button. Now, I love older people. I really do. But if we need someone to run for the football carrying nuclear codes, let's not get someone past the age of retirement.

This brings me to Trump, 76. I'm so over seeing him. Hearing from him. News about him. The witchhunts directed at him, come on, we all know that's what's going on. But anyway, if he'd simply say, "I'm not running," all of this would go away. He doesn't do that though.

Then there is Trump Light, Ron DeSantis, 44. I have to admit, I like this guy. Mostly because he's sharp, he's funny, and he doesn't take crap. Then there's the idea that he made Disney actually pay taxes after 50 years of not paying a dime. It seems like that might be why Mickey Mouse was doing so well. Add in as Fox called one of his kids "a random baby" it would be fun to see some little kids in the White House as well.

Let's see. There's the only woman in the race on this side so far, Nikki Haley, 51. I like her, but I don't think she has the right characteristics to win. There's nothing about her that makes her stand out in the crowd. She's well-spoken, she looks nice and knows how things work in government and around the world. But maybe the issue is that she's TOO smooth. I'd say plug her into a cabinet position again. She's a smart gal. Then again, I think someone in their 50s might actually be about where I want a candidate, ironically I think that's about the "prime" age for a presidential candidate. Don Lemon and I apparently disagree o that.

Perry Johnson, 75. This guy, I'm really not sure what to do with. He seems to be pretty fiscally-minded and is apparently a millionaire. I wasn't really impressed with him. Again, not that I didn't like what he said, but he just hits one of those buttons in my head that says, 'meh, next!"

Larry Elder, 71, well, I like listening to him talk, but I honestly couldn't tell you much about him. I think he has all the same beliefs as the others on the right but he doesn't have a shot if he's standing next to...

Tim Scott, 57. Now this guy, I love him too. He's not shy about telling you how rough his life has been, but he's also not one to whine about it. He doesn't have the idea that it's rare for a black man to be successful if they work at it. He made an appearance on The View after Joy Behar said that he didn't understand systemic racism. I guess as a white woman she can better educate him. Of course, like the weasle she is, she was "on her day off" when they scheduled Scott to come and answer her accusations. Any guy that can go on that show and hold his own against these women, he's a man's man.

Then there's the whippersnapper, Vivek Wamaswamy. Now just saying this guy's name, let alone typing it takes a bit of memory work. I like him too. He's the youngest kid in the pool at 37. But the kid is sharp. I think I respect him mostly because he's all for capitalism in a world where that has become a four-letter word, yet, without it, well, hello communism. He also believes that the voting age should be raised to 25 and I don't disagree with him on that either. I don't think he has a chance this time around, but we'll see him again in the future I'm sure.

Now we're down to Doug. Doug Burgum, 66. He's the former governor of North Dakota. And that my friends is all that I know about Doug.

So we have 11 Republican candidates...so far. Here's a breakdown of the field.

4 in their 70s, 3 white guys and a black man

3 in their 60s, all older white guys

2 in their 50s, one black man, woman

1 guy in his 40s

1 Indian man in his 30s. Why the breakdown you ask? Just in case you think there isn't diversity over here.

Standing in the wings is John Bolton, 75, Kristi Noem, 51, Liz Cheney, 56, Glenn Younkin, 56, Francis Suarez, 46. So there are more women thinking of throwing their purse in the ring and yet another guy in his 70s, just in case republicans run out.

On the Democrat side, there is of course the President, Joe Biden ringing in at 80, and who will be 81 if he lasts until the next election. What can I say? I'm not sure which falls faster. Joe himself or his polling numbers. I really wish he wouldn't run again. I don't feel safe having him as our leader. My bank account feels very broke with him as president.

To be honest, I agree completely with his son Beau when he made a PSA as an attorney general about elder abuse. It's not funny, nor entertaining seeing our President falling down. So far we have 2 falls up the steps to Air Force One, once off of his standing bike, now on stage, and then he smashed his head getting out of the helicopter on the White House lawn. These are the only incidents that we've seen on camera, it makes you wonder how many times he's fallen outside of view.

I mean, "come on, man," as he would say. If his family really loved him, they'd convince him not to run again. I'm thinking Jill is loving her first lady position at the cost of her husband. I'm just really glad that he didn't hurt himself when he fell the last time. No one wants to see that on camera. But seriously, he's done his time, he's reached the top. Let him retire in the comfort of his own home away from the cameras. Quit putting him in situations that are humiliating him.

The first to challenge President Biden is Marianne Williamson, a 70-year-old woman. She's described as an author and spiritual advisor (I have flashbacks to Nancy Reagan consulting astrologists). She's a "Spiritual Leader" for the Church of Today. I couldn't find out much about her church, or their beliefs. I have no idea if it's an offshoot of a mainstream church or what exactly it is. Politically, she's for legalizing marijuana, wants to reach 100% renewable energy by 2035, she's pro-abortion and wants to declare a national emergency over gun violence.

Robert Kennedy Jr., 69, is also in the race. A bit of nostalgia will come with his name. His only downside is his physical struggles to speak. I still found it fun to listen to his thoughts in a podcast that lasted over an hour. He's all about dismantling censorship online. He gets a bad rap when it comes to vaccines. After seeing COVID vaccine side effects in my family, I appreciate anyone who asks questions. He also believes that police need transforming and that they should be trained in de-escalation and mediation. He also wants to take steps toward racial healing.

According to the NBC News tracking website it doesn't appear that anyone else is waiting in the wings on the Democrat side.

We're still almost a year and a half out from the election. In the next six months, we'll be inundated with visits from all of these people. Go and meet these candidates any time that you can. Personally, I want to hear Kennedy and maybe a few others.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out and who will be left standing after the caucus.

Debates, may or may not happen for some of the candidates either. If they refuse to debate, that will be a shame and not a smart move.

So there you have it. Just a few thoughts on the political leaders of whom no doubt will affect our lives after the 2024 election.


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GB June 8, 2023, 5:38 pm Very well written and on point! You summed up my thoughts exactly!
DE June 9, 2023, 7:58 am Wow. A business paying taxes is a Good Thing. What has the GOP stooped to? We'll just ignore the fact that Disney has provided for its own infrastructure needs since the beginning, I guess that only counts when the government provides it...

The only thing DeSantis has to offer is a culture war, a curtain of manufactured outrage to hide that there's not much to the man behind it.

As much as she'd like us to forget it, behind her very Anglo name, Nikki Haley is also Indian. It doesn't matter to me, except that it does seem to matter to her so very much.

The rest of 'em... blah. Which I do consider a good thing and I'd like to hear what they have to say in the Debates.

On the Dem side, God I hope they don't make me vote for Biden again.
GB June 9, 2023, 10:26 am DE, no one made you vote for Broke Biden the first time, unless the Dems got your name off a tomb stone for an absentee ballot.
PK June 9, 2023, 2:01 pm Valerie...Bravo 99%!! Sorry, you know how I feel about Ron DeSantis. I believe he is what this great country needs. If you notice Trump's ads about him, you notice, "When Ron DeSantis was in Congress..." No ammunition from his governorship?? Do we really want a 76 year old tainted man with a come-over back in the highest office in our country...AGAIN? [Did anyone notice Trump's recent pat on the back of the North Korean dictator?] Remember this is the man who told us he had nuclear missles that could reach the US. Nice guy!! We DO NOT NEED a Republican O'bama in the White House. I am so tired of, "I was raised by a single mother in poverty..." I'm happy he has come a long way, but NOT to the White House! [As I recall, former president Trump moved a peaceful BLM group from a street outside the White House to walk across the street and raise a Bible.] Didn't move me then; neither does Tim Scott's in his ads. I'm Catholic,and I believe in God!! But I don't believe in using a Bible for "staging." The best thing Tim Scott does is show in his ads just what Biden and the Democrats are really worth. I do not believe he can deal with many of our country's BIGGEST problems such as the illegal immigrants and the current inferred threats from China. In both my mind and my heart, I believe Ron DeSantis is the Man WHO CAN!!!

Did you really think I wouldn't write anything?
I've been in the hospital w/o my laptop.

Editor's Note: Welcome back, hope you mend quickly!
NJG June 9, 2023, 6:27 pm First of all, if there is anyone out there still believing in Trump, please read the indictment. It will tell you some of the things Trump tried to do with the documents he had taken and some of the things he said about them and what he wanted to do with them. He asked his lawyers to do dirty deeds for him. That way it wouldn't be his fault.

Some Republicans in Congress are still backing Trump, some are even threatening violence. Again I repeat, read the indictment.

If you are thrilled about DeSantis making Disney pay taxes why weren't they already paying? It is because Republicans NEVER expect the big corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share. If you put a Republican in the white house and give them control of the house & senate they will give those at the top another tax cut, make it harder to vote for "certain people" and cut social security all in the same breath. They can NEVER be trusted to leave social security alone. Just look at what the red states are doing. For anyone planning on voting Republican I will say you are not paying attention to what Reynolds and other red states are doing.

Valerie is you think this is just a witch hunt against Trump, you are totally wrong. Again read the indictment to see what he actually did or tried to do. He has been a crook his whole life and it is about time he finally get indicted for some of that crime.

DeSantis will turn this country into a large Florida with his policies. But the question is what policies does he actually have. All I hear from him is "Where woke goes to die." He likes banning books and taking parents rights over their children away.

I believe the women will be out in force to vote in 2024 and women with common sense will never vote Republican.

And in closing GB if you are saying that Democrats cheated in 2020 it turns out most of the cases of voter fraud in 2020 were Republican.

Norma Gould
GB June 10, 2023, 9:20 am NG.. bla bla bla.. get some new material. Go watch cartoons or do something productive. The hate speech and anti-American sentiment you spew against anyone with a different opinion or political belief is an irritant at best. You obviously live in Disneyland when most everyone else lives in the current reality and mess the Democrats have put us in.
DE June 10, 2023, 8:14 pm Trump ran for the GOP and Biden for the Dems - I hated to do it, but I'll never vote for a traitor.
PK June 11, 2023, 12:31 pm Valerie...Your editorial was excellent!! Ignore the back-biting!! NJG...You better start focusing on the "crooked old man" in the White House. What about his classified documents found in his library and by his precious corvette? I suppose someone from the Trump camp placed them there. Right?? And what about the papers that show some shady deals when Biden was VP? Of course, he doesn't want those exposed. And Hunter has helped his dad squirrel away some hefty amounts of illegal green. He's far from "squeaky" clean and honest!! The biggest question I have about OLD Joe is...Should he win again, would he realize he'd won; and could he stand to take the oath of office w/o falling?? [But I don't believe we'll have to deal with that scenario!]

NJG...Obviously, you don't know what it takes for someone to be a strong president. Biden was never fit to be president. He rolled in on O'bama's strength and went downhill after that. Look at the 17 things he did on his first day in office. You are a blind Biden follower. I feel sorry for you!!

Next, I'll tell you one thing that President DeSantis could and would do. He'd clean up Joe Biden's MESS about the millions and millions of illegal immigrants who are stealing enormous funds from our country. HE KNOWS HOW TO DO IT!! PROVEN!! [Hey, NJG, You could make a nifty $125 a month by taking an illegal into your home.] Move to NYC, and clean up!! Ron DeSantis has all the qualities needed to make a solid and respected president for America!! He's intelligent; he has a vision for our country; and he is young.

Don't believe for one second that I support or defend Donald Trump!! I believe the statement, "No one is above the law" is 99.9999% true. This obviously does not apply to Mr.Trump! NO ONE has a set to do anything to him. He has too much dirt on too many people, he has too much money by what means, and he has a mass of cult-like followers. I think Chris Christie said it best, "The man is attached to his mirror!" When Trump gets to Heaven, he's in for a shock! He's going to find out he's NOT God!!

IF there should be a BIDEN/TRUMP 2, I'm NOT voting!!

NJG...You better look again about parent's rights under DeSantis. I've heard him talk. You are WRONG!! Why don't you do us all a favor...Stick to your ill-fated support of the Old Man in the White House. Some of the things you mention about the BEST MAN running for the presidency was when he was in congress. DO you know, he's a two-term governor NOW?? DUH!!

Oh, I forgot, THUMBS UP, GB!!! As always...Right on the $$$!!
PK June 12, 2023, 7:31 am It's 6:18 a.m., and I just saw on National Desk something SHOCKING. A PRIDE flag was hanging outside the front of the White House between and at the same height as our two American flags. THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!! The flag of our great nation-which stand for our freedom and our democratic way of life-should never be displayed like this!! The flag represents ALL of our citizens, so WHY is that flag there? The White House has not commented. Another BIDEN BLUNDER!! [Trying to scare up a few more votes, Joe??] I really can't believe this!! Our forefathers would be livid. SO AM I!!!!!
DE June 14, 2023, 3:57 am
Can you show us on the doll where the Pride flag hurt you?
PK June 15, 2023, 10:07 pm DE...It hurts my patriotic heart to have any flag hanging with the American flag[s]!! Are you an American? What's the next flag to hang there: Confederate...Nazi Germany...KKK...China?? Our flag proudly waves for ALL American citizens. So...Why have any other flags at all? [No smart comments required!!
GB June 16, 2023, 7:52 pm The only flag that should be flying at the Whitehouse is the American flag. That's it.